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The “College Experience” is a Lie – A Survival Guide From Your Fellow Introvert

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When I imagined college, I envisioned it as a “giant party” at all times. Most people assume that college is a four-year alcohol-induced vacation to get away from parents and make new friends. From an introvert, college is nothing like how I envisioned it. I am not a huge partier so going to a “party school” has been strange. Here are some tips from an introvert on how to survive college and break the stigma that the “college experience” is the only one that matters.

JOin A Student Org

By joining a student organization you can allow yourself to branch out yet still remain in your bubble. When I joined my current student organization, Her Campus, I was very shy and scared. I really pushed myself to step far enough out of my comfort zone to start making small connections and community on-campus. This has been a great experience so far to talk to other like-minded people and branch out.

Celebrate the Small Victories

I am being completely blunt when I say making friends is hard. In kindergarten it was so easy, you simply just ask someone if they wanted to be your friend, and 99% of the time they said yes. In college, it is much harder. I may have lost my spunk and child-like confidence but, it is hard to make friends. I find myself often times getting FOMO (fear of missing out) but, by celebrating my small victories like talking to someone new or walking to class with a friend… by celebrating the things you do have rather than what you don’t, you really aren’t missing out on anything.

Partying is Overrated

Close your eyes and envision a crowded basement that smells like body odor, Busch Light, and marijuana. “Sounds like the dream!”… said no one ever. If you haven’t been invited to a party, you’re not really missing out on anything spectacular. Sometimes spending time by yourself or a small group of friends is much more fun and fulfilling.

Academics can be Fulfilling

If you’re not an out-going person, seek success and validation through your academics. The whole purpose of college is to gain an education and to better yourself. There is no shame in being proud of your academic success.

Embrace Who you Are

Sometimes college can be hard. If you try your hardest to make friends, get good grades, and put yourself out there, you are doing great. If you are shy and introverted, that’s totally okay. If you are out-going and extroverted, that is okay too! There is a place for everyone at college, it is all about finding yourself and doing what makes you happy. Prioritize yourself over a rumor that you should be “living it up” at college.

Haley Muter

Bowling Green '25

Hi! My name is Haley Muter. I love to express and empower people! I am a freshman and major in middle-childhood education, specifically language arts and social studies. I love to show light on mental health issues and helping others who are in need!
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