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The Beaded Necklace Trend Everyone Should Know About

The Beaded Necklace Trend Everyone Should Know About

Since the start of the pandemic, so many people dedicated time to their artistic and creative talents, and for many, these creative endevors transformed into successful small businesses. Some of these creators even used some of their proceeds towards non-profit organizations, which makes it that much easier to splurge on pay day! In this article, I am featuring a jewelry buisness that started from the Covid-19 shutdown and quickly rose to popularity, among celebraties and influencers! I present to you iancharms!


“Ian Charms is a female owned, handmade jewelry company based in LA. Named “Ian” charms because the creator’s last name (Lisa Sahakian), like many Armenian names, ends in those three letters,” (Sahakian, 2021, 1). Ian Charms creates unique necklaces with real pearls and aesthetically pleasing color schemes! Lisa, (owner of Ian Charms) sells her limited edition necklaces every friday, and normally she reveals previews of what the necklaces she will be dropping a day or two before their release.

Around the time when I first discovered Ian Charms, which was when she had around 14k followers on Instagram, Lisa offered to create custom necklaces for her customers, but now, because her following has grown to 35k, it is rare that she will open up to creating customs. Despite customs being closed, her weekly releases are normally fresh, new necklace designs that she had never created before, so if you do end up buying one, it’s just as good as having a design specifically made for you. These necklaces are still limited edition after all!

Where to Find IAN CHarms?

You can find the necklaces featured on the Ian Charms instagram account @iancharms, as well as on the website (https://www.iancharms.com/), which is where you can purchase one! Or two if your feeling fun and unique!!

How To style ian charms?

Any Ian Charms necklace like this one (pictured below) with a rainbow color scheme would be best to wear with neutral colored clothes or with a monochromatic outfit. Styling it like this will allow the necklace to pop and stand out as a statement jewelry piece to your outfit!

This #freebritney necklace is adorable and would be a cute addition to an outfit with beiges, cremes, or browns as it’s central color.

Not a colorful kind of person? Ian Charms has released plenty of neutral colored necklaces like this one that can go with any outfit you choose! I think this necklace specifically or any with alot of pearls would work well with a more formal outfit as well as a casual one.

Who is wearing them?

Imagine having celebs buying your art?! Well, Ian Charms is not only styled on celebs and influencers, but these necklaces are even featured in fashion magazines! Talk about dreams coming true! Here are some celebs who express their love for Ian Charms.

Dua Lipa

Demi Lovato

Justin Bieber

Emma Chamberlain

Okay, but how much are they? $$

These necklaces are between 150-180$, which is a lot, especially if you are a college student. I am not going to tell you whether you should or shouldn’t buy it, but I will say that these necklaces are one of a kind and are made with real pearls, so that could explain the price point. If you really love the look of Ian Charms but do not want to break the bank, I’ve got you covered! Check out @Buggybeads on instagram. This small buisness sells their pieces, that are just as unique as Ian Charms, for 40-50$.

Go Get your charms!

Moral of the story is, if you want to add a unique piece of jewelry to your collection and or make your outfits more personalized, you should defintely consider getting a beady necklace, and don’t forget to support small buisnesses like these!

Emily Durham

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Emily Durham is a Fifth year English Major with a Creative Writing Minor at Bowling Green State University. She is an Intersectional Feminist who enjoys writing things that will inspire others. Her dream is to write and publish a screenplay as well as a poetry novel, all while working as a high school english teacher. Her hobbies include writing, reading, hiking, vinyl collecting, and taking care of her indoor plants!
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