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“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you”

Rupi Kaur

Now that the winter holidays are over, many are beginning to feel the post-holiday blues. During the first few weeks of the new year, we feel slumped, as well as overwhelmed with the adrenaline rush that is now completely gone. These emotions are completely normal, and we tend to try to prepare for the next national holiday, which is Valentines Day. With this holiday comes a mix of emotions, whether it’s distaste for the commercialism of the holiday, or the huge expectations put on couples to celebrate. We are lead to believe that Valentines Day is a “couple holiday” that can only be celebrated within pairs, yet Valentines Day is seen as a day of love, and self love is just as important if not more, than romantic love. As someone who has been single their entire life, I grew up with jealousy towards the people who were “able” to celebrate, but I never thought that I could reclaim that holiday. People who are not in romantic relationships are beginning to celebrate this holiday in an attempt to show appreciation for oneself or ‘self love’. Practicing self love can include a plethora of different ideas to engage in, and Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity to take some time to care for you and your individual needs.


Most museums have free admission, so walking around a museum by yourself gives you the opportunity to read the art descriptions and walk slowly. You can always expect to not only learn something new at a museum, but become inspired through the art displayed. In addition to going to the museum, you can take a photo shoot (see #9).

2. Music

Music can be enjoyed in multiple ways, whether that’s going to a concert or local performance by yourself, writing and singing your own songs, or even just listening to music on a random drive. Music is something enjoyed by all, and when we’re able to listen to music by ourselves, we can listen to the music as loud as we want, whatever songs we want, however long we want the song to play, and you can sing however you want without judgement.

3. Food

Just like music, food is enjoyed by all and can be enjoyed in many ways. You can go out to eat, and either treat yourself to a nice restaurant, or just go to a restaurant you’ve never been to, giving yourself a new experience involving food. You can also cook your own meal at home, or even try a new recipe. This also includes baking. The process of cooking a meal is very therapeutic for some, and the final product being something you made yourself can be seen as a reward.

4. Treat Yo Self

Splurge if you haven’t in a while. Go shop for some clothes. Buy 5+ candles for no reason. Sometimes self care comes from buying things you don;t necessarily NEED but want.

5. Pamper yourself

Sometimes being single on Valentine’s Day can feel lonely, and sometimes physically treating your body, your temple, can be an amazing form of self care. You can get a massage, a facial. or get your hair done. If you’re balling on a budget, a bath at home with a face mask with a candle lit is a great alternative. You can use all self care products you may have at home that you keep for special occasions (i.e. expensive perfume or face mask).

6. coffee + Books

I combined these two ideas because they are usually together in their settings already. Many bookstores have coffee shops near them if not attached to them. You can also bring a book to a coffee shop and read there. Most coffee shops have multiple types of seating for customers to use. If reading in pubic makes you nervous, then drinking coffee at home is also a relaxing option. Coffee can also be easily traded with any hot beverage such as tea and cider.

7. art

Calling all creatives! Now you have an excuse to let out your artistic side. Do a painting. Finish your crotchet project. Let out your inner-child and do a craft. Art is subjective and art that you made yourself is always beautiful, as it’s handmade.

8. movie

A very classic date idea, a movie night, can always be applied to a single person. Going to the movies by yourself or setting up an official movie night in your own living room with popcorn, pizza, and a fort can bring back memories of nostalgia, as you’ve attached an entire experience to the movie.

9. solo photo-shoot

Many couples will post photos of themselves on the holiday, and you can also show the world how much you love yourself on V Day. The self timer on your camera is you r best friend for solo photoshoots. Go somewhere (or set up a shoot at home) and set your phone up and have a photoshoot. Remember you don;t have to feel awkward either, most times people look as a result of nosiness, not judgement.

10. organize

If you’re like me, then your environment is a direct reflection of your mind, and if your room is a mess, your mind is one as well. Organizing can be seen as a form of self care, as organization can be incorporated into your routine, you can throw out or donate things that you no longer use, freeing up space in your physical and mental space.

Maria Duffy

Bowling Green '22

Maria Duffy is a fourth year Communication student at Bowling Green State University with a minor in Women's Studies. She hopes to get her Masters soon. Duffy has a passion for learning, writing, and empowering intersecting identities in terms of race and gender. They hope to inspire and work towards a more inclusive world.
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