The Road of Normality

Recently I ran into this quote by Van Gogh:

“Normality is a paved road.  It’s comfortable to walk on but no flowers grow on it.”

 This quote has served as a daily reminder of how I want to live my life through my phones background ever since stumbling upon it a few weeks ago.

A lot of times it can be tempting to choose the safe option because, let’s face it, there is simply less “figuring out” to do there.  

 We are blooming young adults who are figuring out who we are, what we believe, how we want to spend our time and money, what it means to live outside of roof we grew up under; let’s get serious…”adulting” is HARD!  There is so much going on, so much to figure out, so when there is an option to make life easier…


Hear me out here…

I want to challenge you to consider; when we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to push outside of our comfort zones and take risks, we take away the magic of what our 20’s is all about.

The moments we choose the less “normal” or “comfortable” road are the sacred moments where we learn the most and grow.

When we take the risk and go after something that seems new and scary and like a road we don’t know too much about, there are only two things that can happen;



That’s it.

I know that might sound shocking, or silly, or not accurate, or oversimplified; but, I promise, it is not.

Going after the desires of your heart that you believe you are made to pursue, are also typically the things that seem the like the biggest, scariest, most risk-taking and horrifying options that have the most margin for error and embarrassment.

But, even if you fall flat on your face your first time out of the gate, I promise you, all that has truly happened, is you have learned how to be better next time.

Stand up, brush yourself off, and go try again and again and again until you win.

The world has so many people doing the normal, mundane, ordinary things, but, I bet if you consider the public figures who inspire you the most, the common denominator between all of them is that they are taking the road less traveled, and THAT is where all the flowers are growing.

Innovative and great things don’t happen because someone was walking comfortably throughout their daily life and an opportunity to do something extraordinary and make a difference in the world just hit them in the face.

People who are seeing their dreams come to fruition are out there taking the road less traveled, where there are fears and flowers, with confidence that when we pursue the desires placed on our hearts while utilizing the innates gifts and skills given to us, amazing things will happen.

Take small steps if you must.

Go for that different coffee order this week.

Buy that edgy clothing item you are obsessed with but paranoid you can’t pull off.

Then, I dare you, dream bigger. 

Talk to someone about that non-profit you’ve been dreaming up.

Go talk to your advisor about changing your major because you know you are unhappy.

Start mapping out that dream trip you’ve been wanting to take abroad.

Show up to the meeting on campus for the organization that sounds enticing to you.


Even if no one else is on the road where you can see the flowers, take it. 

It’s uncomfy.

It’s scary.

It’s different.

But it is always worth it, and I am in it with you, friend.