Rae Dunn: The Hottest Accessories for Your Home

From farmhouse decor to magnolia home decor from Fixer Upper to buffalo plaid pillows, we seem to go through a series of trends for decorating. One of the hottest trends that have been going around lately is Rae Dunn. 

Rae Dunn is the given item that literally every woman is hunting for at their nearest T.J. MAXX or HomeGoods. There are some women I know who will stand outside waiting for the store to open just so they can get their hands on the latest Rae Dunn. Trust me, I am a victim of being addicted to Rae Dunn. 

You may be wondering, what is Rae Dunn? 

According to cheatsheet.com, Rae Dunn is a special kind of font used on all kinds of poetry. The poetry is usually white featuring a random word with the special font. There are times when the object describes itself. For example, a coffee mug may have the word “coffee” on it or a pitcher may have the words “pour” on it. However there are other items that have random words on it as well. Coffee mugs with the words “smile” or “hot mess” on them. Rae Dunn not only has just coffee mugs as products, but bowls, jewelry stands, notebooks, pens, and more! Rae Dunn has even released baby clothes, home decor such as signs, picture frames, anything that you could possibly think of. 

So, you may be wondering, why is Rae Dunn so popular? It has almost become like a game to see who can find the latest mug or pitcher. Social media arrangements are trending on Pinterest and Instagram. Many people who search for Rae Dunn items call it “dunning” according to Design Allure

I am almost certain that Rae Dunn releases some holiday decor for the upcoming holidays.  A black coffee mug with the word “spooky” on it is perfect for Halloween. Christmas is just around the corner and Rae Dunn would be perfect gift for everyone.

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I myself have a small Rae Dunn collection. I personally have a jewelry holder, and a vase that holds my fake flowers in it. I am hoping that once I have my own apartment, I will soon add to the collection. 

So, what do you think of the Rae Dunn trend? The next time you are shopping at your local T.J. Maxx or HomeGoods, be sure to look for some Rae Dunn! Elegant and sophisticated yet simple decor to spice up your kitchen, living room, or home in general.