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Put Your Phone Down and Take a Hike

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowling Green chapter.

Let’s Renew Your Mind With an unplugged Walk

Let’s be honest, we all know college kicks our butts sometimes. It’s no secret that classes, work, homework, etc. on top of having some social time can be draining! Taking on all these tasks while also trying to keep up with mental health can be a challenge, so what is something you can do to renew your mind? Unplug and get some exposure to nature!

Why you should take a nature walk

I recently went on a walk at a local hiking trail and found out that just being surrounded by nature puts you in a better mood. After being busy and overwhelmed, I knew I needed a self-care day to destress. I took a friend with me and decided to have an unplugged walk. Not being involved with our phones to go on social media or talk to others was one of the best self-care decisions. We actually experienced the environment around us without the urge to take a picture every time. We also built a stronger connection because what else are you supposed to do without your phones? Talk to each other! We talked about topics we never did before, everyday life, family, etc. but it felt more personal because we didn’t have anything to distract us except nature! I felt so refreshed and relieved after the walk that I actually I forgot about school and homework for a little bit!

what you can do if you can’t go on a walk

Any type of nature relieves stress whether it’s a walk in the woods, plants in your room, or visiting a local greenhouse. Even just having a little waterfall on your desk can help with stress! You can also do all this with whomever you want. Sometimes we just need some alone time to reflect on life, or we could use time with friends/partners! No matter who you are with or where you are, you can be surrounded by nature! Be creative and do whatever works best for you!

the proof behind this relieving feeling

It is proven that nature can improve health, moods, education, etc. The article “Nature Really Does Make Us Happy” by Dr. Eva M. Selhub and Alan C. Logan backs this up. The article expresses its main point that nature improves the general well-being of not only a human’s physical, but also mental health by using multiple facts, studies, and sources to provide proof.

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Emma Jones

Bowling Green '25

Emma is a sophomore at BGSU majoring in social work with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies! She loves to write about wellness, college lifestyle, and relationships/friendships! She also loves photography, listening to music, and is always down for a good cup of coffee with friends!