PSA: Cats Aren't Always Jerks!

We all know the age old debate: are you a cat person or a dog person? Most of the time people who choose dogs follow up with the statements “cats are mean”, “cats have no emotion”, or even “cats literally don’t do anything”. While yes this may be true in some cases, we actually are seeing a rise of cats getting their Emotional Support Animal certifications in today’s world. Cats are pretty basic to take care of as well which is also a plus. It seems that breaking that age old idea that cats are rude is what today’s felines are all about!

Cats can sense emotion changes in their owners.

When I was first starting to feel anxious about the world, I had thought no one would actually notice considering I locked myself away in my room. However, my cat Clover would continuously sit outside my door and cry. When that wouldn’t work, she would resort to shaking my door or even throwing her entire body up against the door until I would let her into my room. She did this every single time I would have anxiety attacks. This cat would actually stay with me and keep one paw on me at all times (occasionally kneading with that same paw) until I eventually would fall asleep from exhausting myself. To this day, she still does it, and sometimes will even alert my family that something is wrong by meowing nonstop. A lot of people who I’ve talked to with ESA cats have also described that their little friend does the same exact thing or variations of what Clover would do. Animals really and truly can sense when their human’s aura is off. They care and don’t want to see you sad!

Cats can play just like dogs.

We’ve all seen the videos. Cats running around like a chicken with their head cut off and just acting silly as ever. When talking with a few beloved cat owners, they had stated that their cats, both young and old, love to run around and be active while playing with their toys. Sometimes, you could even play fetch with them! At the same time, there are a lot of people who have purchased leashes and harnesses for their little friends and take them on hikes and walks around the block– just like any dog would do! One friend of mine even recounts how her kitten actually pants like a dog with his tongue out after he’s played hard around the house. These high energy creatures have various personalities that can be unlocked with different types of coaxing and love. Once they can fully trust you, their fun side will come out!


Animals deserve a chance to be loved and cherished, even if they have a stereotype of being little jerks. Cats like many animals will always love their owners unconditionally so long as their owners can show them that they are safe in their home. A pretty much low maintenance and highly entertaining friend may be in your future (so long as you aren’t allergic) if you would want to welcome a cat into your life. Who knows they might just change your life!

Go to your local shelter and visit your new furry friend today! #adoptdontshop