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With everything that has gone on in the world for the last couple years due to the pandemic, we have heard so much about how to be patient as well as mindful while we wait for everything to seemingly get better. It may feel like things are never ending as we go into the new year with yet another variant and just an even more clouded and pessimistic mindset. However, taking the word “patience” and applying it to yourself as a whole can bring a whole new meaning to the word. This can open up endless possibilities as you work towards your goals and a healthier and happier life.

Make Time for You

It’s often easy to get wrapped up in any form of work, whether you are a student or out in the real world. Life doesn’t seem to take a pause when you need it to, and this can lead to a creative rut or massive burnout. During this new year, try to take time to pace yourself appropriately. You can still meet deadlines that are set for you, but also realize it’s not a race to finish before everyone else. Sometimes it may also be difficult to step away from things without feeling guilty. But you are only human and you deserve rest. With rest comes anything you might enjoy that can help center yourself and regain a feeling of calmness. You can and will get your stuff done, you just must be patient with yourself. A positive mental state is a healthy mental state. By taking a time out for yourself, you may get a chance to become more in touch with your own body and well-being.

Don’t Sweat the Little Things

Things may head south extremely quickly. You may not get the big promotion at work you had applied for. Maybe that date you were supposed to go on ghosted you. Things sometimes do not go as planned, and that is okay. Having the patience to know you are okay and right where you need to be is key in maintaining your well-being. It may sound like a statement your mother may have told you when you were little (because this is exactly what mine has always told me), but do not sweat the little things. Everything in life has lead you to where you are right now. Every up and down you have experienced has helped create the beautiful being you are today. When things don’t go as planned, take a step back, take a deep breath, and when you’re ready find out what your next steps are going to be. That little bump in the road you experienced may be pushing you towards something greater down the road. You just need to have faith and trust the process.

Take Time to Find What You Love

When you hit those bumps in the road or need to take time for yourself, you may tend to gravitate towards different hobbies you enjoy. In the moments you are waiting for something amazing to happen, you can always learn stuff about yourself. Sometimes you may be more inclined to trying new things, and with that comes the patience of learning a new thing. Things like dancing, yoga, or even journaling consistently may not come easy to you, so with that you don’t want to give up right away if results aren’t shown as quickly as you want them to be. Continuously working and trying new things may help you discover new passions and ideas that you can potentially share with others. By sharing with others, you may help someone else realize that there is something they might want to try for themselves down the road. It’s all just one big self care circle. So do that face mask. Take that spin class if you’re able. Learn to rest and love yourself more and more without forgetting to rest, be mindful, and always have patience for what is to come next.

Taylor Eureste is a fifth year Fashion Merchandising and Product Development (FMPD) student at Bowling Green State University. They love to write and read various articles that help lift other young women up in today's society. Eureste is a huge advocate for Latinx and LGBTQ+ youth as well as women empowerment on their college campus. They hopes that they can inspire someone with their words or at the very least make someone's day a little better.
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