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Media-Obsessed Marketing Major Briefly Analyzes SKIMS’ 2023 Holiday Campaign

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowling Green chapter.

Last week, SKIMS dropped their holiday collection — just in time for Black Friday.

This campaign is not like the others. Its’ theme? 70s ski bunny.

SKIMS via Instagram

There’s something about this marketing campaign that I just can’t get out of my head. It may be the image of Kim Kardashian dressed as a vintage ski bunny repping her SKIMS apparel or maybe the graphics involved with the campaign (the logo they created for the ‘magazine’ cover images is AMAZING). The typeface, the colors, the aesthetic, the makeup (thank you, Mario!) — this campaign has been so unique since its’ launch.

I’ve scoured the comments on each of the SKIMS’ holiday campaign posts on Instagram — and to my surprise, a lot of people seem to be confused with this one. I’m not sure if it’s because the idea and aesthetic are more niche, but regardless, the amount of comments I’ve seen asking what’s going on with her eyes (remember: ski bunny-inspired makeup, so think ski goggles — now imagine how your face would look after taking off a pair of ski goggles after being in the sun all day) is astonishing.

The attention to detail included in this campaign is amazing. It’s like you’re really looking at an ad straight out of the 70s — from the layering of the clothing to the set design and colors to the photo editing, this campaign truly nails the vintage winter look.

SKIMS via Instagram

Upon further research into this campaign, I came across its inspiration: a French adult magazine called “Lui”. After looking at the design of the different covers, there’s no doubt in my mind that this was used as SKIMS’ inspiration. The font for the magazine name is almost identical — the only difference is that instead of “Lui”, we see “SKIMS”. While some may look at this and think of it as “copying”, I think the inspiration pulled from Lui was perfect for this campaign. It’s also a perfect example that you can always refresh art and design — just because it was done once doesn’t mean it can’t be done again.

I think SKIMS knew exactly what they were doing regarding hitting their target audience. Here’s the thing: the people purchasing SKIMS are social media-savvy, in-the-know, trendy, and most likely very active on TikTok and Pinterest (where the largest masses of trends are birthed, usually). You want to get a fashion-forward Pinterest girl’s attention? You come up with a campaign that mixes the holidays with trendy clothes and a vintage element and BAM — we are locked in. (Bonus points since Kim Kardashian is the face of it all, too.)

As this campaign continues, I will be keeping my eye on the general public opinion, while also secretly fangirling as Kim continues to knock it out of the park. As an unapologetic SKIMS fan, I always love being able to witness every new campaign that launches with their new collections. This one is by far my favorite of all SKIMS campaigns, and I’m so excited to watch it progress!

Alexis is a Wellness Writer for Her Campus and a recent graduate of Bowling Green State University. Her passions include graphic and digital design, her spirituality, content creation, trying new recipes, writing, and inspiring other women. She enjoys writing about womanhood, life as a 20-something, and relationships. She also has her own blog, her glow, that she started in 2021 and has been building ever since.