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How I Spend My Weekends as a College Student Who Doesn’t Go Out

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowling Green chapter.

I’m a Junior in college and can count on not one, but two fingers how many times I’ve gone out during my college career so far. While it may seem like there’s nothing else to do on the weekends in such a small town like BG, I have spent so much time discovering the things that actually bring me joy and have significantly reduced feeling FOMO every week.

Throughout my freshman year, weekends were super hard for me because I would hear the other girls on my floor listening to music, getting ready together, and giggling while running through the halls after midnight. This used to get to me because I so badly wanted to do those things too, and this was much different than getting jealous of something someone else was doing back in high school. This time it’s not that I was being told no, I’m not allowed to do that (which I was very used to because my parents were pretty strict), because what was stopping me? A big thing was not having a friend group who goes out, and most girls on my floor weren’t incoming freshmen like I was, so they had found their groups. If you have ever found yourself in a similar situation, (while it may seem this way) you’re not the only one! 

Once I did go out, I quickly realized how much I preferred staying in. Going out into a crowded, overstimulating environment at the time I’m normally in bed, especially after a long week, is not for me. And that’s okay! I used to dread weekends, but now I look forward to them as I get to use this time to relax, recharge, and take care of both my mental and physical health while transitioning between weeks!

What I like to do is split up my weekends- so one day (Saturday) I like to spend doing fun things and being social, and the other day (Sunday) I focus on being productive and getting my sh*t together.

Some of my Saturday activities include all of the hobbies I lose time for during the week like journaling, endlessly scrolling through Pinterest while listening to oddly specific Spotify playlists I’ve curated, curating those Spotify playlists, reading, paint-by-numbers, binge-watching YouTube, and making jewelry! When my friends are free we enjoy having game nights, movie nights, exploring BG, and supporting local businesses like shops and restaurants! There are so many hidden gems downtown! Overall, I spend this day not worrying about any academic responsibilities and giving myself a mental rest.

My Sunday activities are very different though, as this is where I prepare for the week ahead and take advantage of the mostly empty campus facilities. This is a great time to go to the gym (especially if you have gym anxiety like me) to try out a new workout or machine that you’ve been hesitant to try on a typical crowded afternoon or evening during the week. Buildings are usually pretty empty too, so you can spend some time getting ahead in your classes at your favorite study spot without the need for noise-canceling headphones! Lines for food are typically way shorter which is always great, and I’ve found there’s no better time to do laundry in the dorms than Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights! Other productive things to do include grocery runs and meal prep for the week, deep cleaning and organizing your physical and digital space, and wrapping up the evening with a self-care night, including a face mask or “everything shower.”

I hope this article has inspired you and given you ideas of things to do on the weekends that don’t include going out to a bar or club. Whether you’re not a fan of going out, need a break one weekend, or your friends are out of town, you should use this time to work on yourself and give yourself a very deserved, and much-needed break!

Natalie Yonker

Bowling Green '24

Natalie is a junior at BGSU majoring in tourism, hospitality, and event management and minoring in marketing. This semester, she is participating in the Disney College Program. She is an active member of Chaarg in addition to Her Campus. She's passionate about all things Disney, reading, jewelry making, journaling, and health and wellness.