It’s the time of the year where we want to look presentable for family gatherings. Maybe you’re somebody who doesn’t like to wear makeup, but I’ve created a simple look using the following products! Maybe you’ll be able to stem your own look off these instructions!

 Carli Christenson

First, I use foundation. My favorite foundation to use is Two Faced ‘Born This Way’ multi-use complexion powder. It comes in many shades and can easily be put on with a brush. My shade is in Almond, but you should use the shade or product that works for you! This is your look after all.

Next, I use a cream concealer under my eyes and on the tip of my nose. I use ELF in the Fair/Light shade. It’s a nice stick that can be used to conceal your eye bags from all that studying. I then use a small beauty blender to dab the cream in. It’s better to dab, not smear. I always do my eyebrows next. My friend gifted me Maybelline Total Temptation Brow Definer. I have a deep brown color, which is a little too dark for me, but if I use it sparingly, my eyebrows don’t look too bad. It’s worth a try!

 Carli Christenson

The majority of my products I use come from an Ulta Beauty kit that comes with a plethora of makeup choices. I love to play around with the colors and create looks for all the events I could go to, but since this is Thanksgiving, I used a simple combo of colors.

For eyeshadow, I start with either a matte cream color or shimmer white on my inner eyelid. I make sure to pack it in, since the color is pretty light. Towards the middle, I use matte camel, which is gentle tan color. I put that with a darker matte tan towards my outer eye, then top it with shimmer copper on the outside of that. It creates a nude smoky eye, which is really nice if you’re going for a simple look.

Carli Christenson

Of course, I always top my eyeshadow with eyeliner and mascara. For eyeliner, I use ELF liquid eyeliner in Jet Black. If you’re confident, you can make tiny eyeliner wings, or have a simple line without wings. Then, I use ELF mineral infused mascara, also in Black. It’s so easy to put on, and it doesn’t take forever to dry after application.

 Carli Christenson

If you’re somebody who likes blush, bronzer, and highlight, I use the ones provided in my Ulta kit. It gave me two of each item, the blush and bronzer both having a matte and a shimmer, and then two highlight colors. For this look, I use the matte nude pink blush and matte bronzer. For highlight, I use champagne highlighter, which gives a golden glow.           

If this look isn't your perfect cup of tea, there's always a look for everyone. Put your own twists with makeup and see what you come up with!​