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A Fashion Fall Forward From the 90’s

With classes all over the U.S starting back up for the 2019 fall semester, you probably are seeing a lot of different and unique styles during your first week. But if this isn’t your first year at college, we all know that during week two almost everyone reverts back to comfy attire (via the sweatpants!). College is a place that harbors many creative outlets and allows students to fully express themselves through their work as well as their fashion. Fall semesters house two of the most influential seasons for fashion, which means there are many looks for everyone to choose from.

But you all might be wondering: where do these trends actually start? How do we know what’s in and what’s out (if you enjoy keeping up with those things)? Well, within the fashion industry there are jobs where people research trends for upcoming seasons as well as upcoming years. “Fashion forecasters” are constantly working day and night compiling all this information so different labels and high fashion companies can get to work on their latest designs. Individuals study market trends as well as keep a close eye on streetwear fashion. They compile all their data into huge Excel sheets and programs so they can send off the findings the next day. According to Elle Magazine, we can expect to see lots of teeny little bags, millennial purple, capes (cue Edna Mode’s “No capes!” mantra), prep-school plaids, lots of satin, feathered outfits, and many old school trends from both the ‘80s and ‘90s during fall and winter of this year.

Now I’m no fashion forecaster, but from what I have seen both in stores as well as what’s being worn out and about, there are so many different trends going on right now. Animal prints, neon colors, tie-dyed fabrics, and the ‘90s all are alive and well in closets and stores across the world. I certainly have hopped onto the animal print trend and don’t intend on hopping off anytime soon. We are seeing scrunchies, chain wallets, and numerous grunge details that are throwing me back in time. I, for one, don’t see the trend going away anytime soon due to how versatile these looks can really be. Biker shorts also are very much in style thanks to the Kardashians and other influencers.

Fashion allows the wearer to adapt the style to their own taste. So, if you’re feeling like mixing it all up and making it your own, you can do it! The sky is the limit with the options you can come up with. Just be the best you can possibly be!




Taylor Eureste is a fifth year Fashion Merchandising and Product Development (FMPD) student at Bowling Green State University. They love to write and read various articles that help lift other young women up in today's society. Eureste is a huge advocate for Latinx and LGBTQ+ youth as well as women empowerment on their college campus. They hopes that they can inspire someone with their words or at the very least make someone's day a little better.
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