Fall Insta-Hacks

We love to post pictures on social media! It’s a great way to show our friends and family what we’re up to, especially when we’re too far to show them in person. Of course, we love to make sure our photos look good as well. After all, a photo is artwork; you need to treat it as such! So instead of just a boring old selfie, how about trying some of these hacks for making your Fall 2019 one that your followers will enjoy looking at.


1.     Golden Opportunity

We love grabbing a selfie in the summer during the last hour before the sun goes down, but what about the fall? Sure, the sun isn’t up as long as it is in the summer, but you can easily snag some cute photos if you’re out on a walk. It doesn’t even have to be a selfie. It could be an easy picture of the horizon where the sun is setting, or have a friend pose you in front of the sun to get a sweet silhouette of yourself. It’s an interesting way to end the day, and it’ll give that golden glow.

And don’t worry if you miss the opportunity! If you take a picture during the day, just mess with the filter a bit. If you give the photo a bit more warmth and a slight yellow tint, it’ll look like you snapped the photo just as the sun was setting! The plus side; nobody will care because the photo will look great.


2.     Drink Pictures

This almost seems cliché but hear me out. Fall is the time for pumpkin spiced drinks, hot chocolate, and apple cider everything! If you love to make your own hot drinks in cute mugs, get a square photo on your phone of your treat. You can focus in on the mug of warm goodness for the likes to accumulate on your masterpiece. A great accompaniment for this type of photo would be a small donut or cookie by the side of the drink. Who doesn’t love the classic drinks and snacks combo?

Not good at making your own drinks? If you save a little money, you can buy a drink from your local coffee shop! You’ll have to make sure you don’t drink it before you can get a photo, but it’ll look just as good. Just make sure you tag where you got your drink so others can try it too!


3.     Nature Knows Best

Fall is such a beautiful season. The leaves are changing, there are plenty of pumpkins, and so many ways to customize your feed. If you grab some zoomed in photos of the trees as their leaves put on their show, you’ll have a classic photo in no time. This style of photo would be great to combine with the golden hour hack, but don’t feel pressured to make every photo the same. We love variation, and that’s what fall gives us!


4.     Outfit Pictures

‘Tis the season for many styles of boots, flannels, hoodies, ripped jeans, scarves, and beanie hats. They all look so nice this time of year, especially since you can mix and match them to go with your taste of clothing. Give your followers a glimpse of your favorite outfits and encourage others to do the same! We should be proud with how we look, no matter who we are! Empower each other to wear the things that make you unique this fall!

5.     Pumpkin Designs

Fall means pumpkins, and pumpkins bring creativity. You can showcase your designs on your accounts. Painted something you like? Share it! Carved a really intricate design that looks neat with a candle in it? Of course, you should take a picture! These beauties only last so long, so give your feed some creativity. Who knows? Maybe you’ll inspire others to make their own designs too!


Whatever you do this fall, make it creative! Stand out and take many photos of your adventures. You only get one Fall 2019, so live it to the best of your ability. Have fun!