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Erin’s Astrology Forecast: It’s Aquarius Season!

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowling Green chapter.

Hello, Aquarius season! The sun entered Aquarius on January 20th at 3:30am EST. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, representing rebellious energy and bringing new ideas to the surface. For the next month or so, the vibes will be revolutionary a bit unorthodox, and hella creative. Additionally, there was a new moon in Aquarius on January 21st! This new moon period offered great opportunities to set intentions that hold more relevance in your life.

Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer, holds a poetic meaning in the sense of holding what is truly meaningful to us. In uncovering this, the sun entered a new house for this zodiac season. For each rising sign, the position of the sun in your birth chart can demonstrate themes that may be especially relevant during this period. To see what themes Aquarius season may hold for you, use your rising sign to calculate what house Aquarius is in your birth chart.

Aries Rising: Hopes/aspirations, friendships, social life (11th House Aquarius)

Taurus Rising: Ambitions, image/reputation, career, the public (10th House Aquarius)

Gemini Rising: Ones purpose/beliefs, travel, contemplation (9th House Aquarius)

Cancer Rising: Transformations, shared assets, intimacy, healing (8th House Aquarius)

Leo Rising: Relationships, contracts, cooperation, agreements (7th House Aquarius)

Virgo Rising: Habits, routines, self care, health, obligations (6th House Aquarius)

Libra Rising: Creativity, romance, self expression, pleasure (5th House Aquarius)

Scorpio Rising: Home/family, comforts, inner world, foundations (4th House Aquarius)

Sagittarius Rising: Communication, short trips, community, siblings (3rd House Aquarius)

Capricorn Rising: Ones values, self worth, income, and self of security (2nd House Aquarius)

Aquarius Rising: Sense of self/identity, physical body, new beginnings (1st House Aquarius)

Pisces Rising: Dreams, the subconscious, secrets, intuition, endings (12th House Aquarius)


During this Aquarius season, placements in Aquarius might see increased activity in that respective House/sign. For Leo Rising Aquarius Suns… helloooooo, stardom. Aquarius moons have increased activity due to the new moon, but the sun in Aquarius also brings out intuition. Mercury went direct on January 18th, so Mercury in Aquarius placements should use this time to develop plans and ideas that are deeply passionate and out-of-the-box. Valentine’s Day is coming up, so Venus in Aquarius are going to have a spotlight on their preferences, interests, hobbies, and romance. Mars in Aquarius should also use this time to develop plans and ideas, as Mars is also direct and in the sign of compatible Gemini.

Happy Aquarius Season!

Erin Anderson

Bowling Green '25

Erin is a Junior at Bowling Green State University, where she is majoring in Adolescent/Young Adult Education (Integrated Language Arts). Alongside being Senior Editor for the group, she loves to write about astrology, self-love, spirituality, and mental health.