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Emergency Intercom: The New “It” Podcast

If you were a follower of Vine, the usernames Enjajaja (Enya Umanzor) and Drew Phillips may sound familiar to you. Even though they were young, they managed to gain quite the following on Vine, YouTube, and Instagram. Most known for their satirical humor and eccentric behavior, they decided to go a different route with their content.

What is It?

Emergency Intercom is a podcast created by influencers Enya Umanzor and Drew Phillips after their short disappearance from YouTube. It follows Enya and Drew as they sit in their kitchen and discuss what is going on in their lives. With only 11 episodes and a median of 157.5k views, it seems to be going up in popularity.

What’s so great about it?

The more biased answer would be, everything, but let’s dive into what makes this podcast so good.

As stated before, Enya and Drew have been on the internet for almost 10 years. Many, including myself, have grown up with these two. There is a bittersweet feeling when watching or listening to their podcasts. They are just trying to live life in early adulthood – something many of us are trying to do ourselves. The podcast is relatable, and there is also a sense of comfort. It’s like watching your childhood best friends growing up.

You can listen to this podcast and laugh, but you can also sit and nod your head as they talk about their experiences. They are not afraid to get real and personal. In one episode, they spoke about their time in Covid-19 quarantine and how it went. While Enya’s quarantine was relaxing and fun, Drew was going through grief and fell into a depression. Though their experiences differ from what you may have experienced in your quarantine, it is safe to say everyone had their ups and downs with quarantine. Some days were harder than others for them, and they had to face the realities of life head on. Episode 1 is great to listen to if you want to reflect on your time during quarantine.

Another interesting topic they discuss is smoking weed. It seems to be a popular thing to do within our generation. While some people find it relaxing, others find it gives them more anxiety. Enya and Drew talk about their experiences, good and bad, when it comes to this. If you are someone who doesn’t like to smoke due to negative past experiences and feel left out or embarrassed because your friends always have a great time smoking, check out Episode 9. You may find Enya and Drew’s personal experiences relatable and that might make you feel better.

Not only are their episodes relatable, but their way of filming is authentic. They don’t have a fancy room with crazy expensive equipment. They are just two best friends talking to microphones in their kitchen. It makes their podcast feel more conversational and inviting. They are just doing it for fun and to reconnect with their audience without trying too hard.

Whether you need something fun to listen to or something to relate to, Emergency Intercom is the podcast for you!

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