Disney +

Oh my Disney one of the most anticipated launches of the year has come folks, Disney+ is here. This  streaming service from the Walt Disney Company has created quite a buzz throughout the world. This is  a service that has strictly Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic content on it. All of  your favorite Disney classics, old cartons, beloved Disney channel shows and movies, along with different  Disney universe movies and brand-new content created just for the app!! For $6.99 a month you can  have all of this at your fingertips and let me tell you friends, it is SO worth it!! The convenience of having  all your Disney favorites and the Disney+ exclusive content is so wonderful. Coming from a Disney family,  and being a former cast member, I couldn’t not participate in the streaming service sweeping the nation.  Did I mention that if you’re a Verizon customer you can get a year of Disney+ for free?! What college  student doesn’t love FREE!! You can take Disney+ with you wherever you go as it is an app and a  website!! Explore the vault, relive your childhood with old Disney channel shows, join me in the rabbit  hole that is Disney+. It already has 10 million subscribers and it just launched on November 12th! One of  the biggest draws for me was all the new content. There is a show that follows a bounty hunter in the  Star Wars universe called Mandalorian that is just incredible, an homage to the high school musical  movies that we grew up watching set in a dialogue setting very similar to The Office, a whole show  dedicated to Jeff Goldblum and the way he sees the world (I mean come on?!), and special shows that  give us an insight to the Disney company and the world of Imagineering. Each of the episodes of the  shows are being released weekly just as they would be if it was on cable and let me tell you the first  episodes are enough to keep you hooked and wanting more. I was amazed with the new scenery and  characters in the Mandalorian and am excited for where the show will take us as it continues. Since its  launch I have watched 2 of the shows and 6 movies and I am blown away by the shows available on the  app. There are so many shows and movies that I totally forgot about that are bringing back so many  memories from when I was younger. Have I convinced you yet? Even if you don’t have it yourself, find a  friend who does and binge all the Disney goodness!!! Happy Disney+ launch week, happy watching  friends and have a most magical day!!