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In October 2021, I found myself in a brand new relationship. The two of us have been together for just over three months now, and I’m so happy to be with him.

However, I live two states away from my boyfriend.

Many people question how we met up? Based on this previous statement, we met online through social media because of a mutual friend. After a few months of talking and becoming friends over the summer, we found out we had feelings for each other, and here we are now. But I’ve also had a lot of questions about how we make our relationship work.

Essentially, the biggest thing is communication. Obviously, in any relationship, you have to communicate. This is widely known, but for online and long-distance relationships, it’s crucial. We don’t get to see our partner in person every day, so we have to find ways to communicate with one another. Typically, in my case, my partner and I FaceTime almost every night. But if we’re too busy to call, we end up texting each other whenever we have free time throughout the day.

By keeping in communication, we can figure out when we might be able to see each other. We’ve been able to meet up a few times since we’ve gotten together; once in his state, twice in mine. This helps us figure out when we might be free so we can spend time together. Whenever we do meet up, I make sure to cherish every moment we have together. Sure, you’ll miss them when they have to leave, but remember that it won’t be the last time you see them so long as you continue to communicate.

Long-distance relationships are possible. They’re not as easy as an in person relationship, but as long as you have trust, communication, and commitment, you’ll be able to get through it with ease.

Carli Christenson

Bowling Green '23

My name is Carli Christenson. I'm a third year student studying Visual Communications Technology for a specialization in photography and print. I'm an absolute nerd, and I adore musical theater. I'm also part of the LGBT+ community!
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