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Bangs. So many people have been there. They’re looking for a way to revamp their style and they decide to impulsively cut a fringe around their face. It’s a good choice, seeing as it’s a timeless hairstyle that has been trending on and off again for quite some time. 

As someone who has never tried any crazy haircuts that aren’t boring or one-length, I’ve been tempted to switch it up and get some bangs during my next haircut. I’ve researched the benefits and common complaints relating to bangs and I thought I’d share them! 

The Benefits


There are so many different ways to have bangs cut! Short bangs, thick bangs, wispy bangs, curtain bangs, side-swept bangs. With so many options, you can find whatever fits you best. Ogle School has a helpful chart for determining the best fringe style for you based on your face type.

Elevates any hairstyle

Bangs can add a nice touch to any “normal” hairstyle. Ponytail? Boom. Ponytail with bangs. Messy bun? Boom. Messy bun with bangs. With easy effort, it gives a little pizazz to anything you try. 


If you don’t want your bangs to show, you can pin them back with bobby pins or hair clips. Instead of combing your bangs over your forehead, you can also part your bangs with the rest of your hair and it’ll blend in. It’s like they’re not even there! (Nobody’s gonna know. They’re gonna know. How will they know?)

Highlight facial features

Bangs can put emphasis on specific features of your face. It can bring attention to your already beautiful eyes, nose, or mouth, depending on how you style them. 

Reinvent yourself

Best of all, getting bangs gives you an opportunity to try something new!

The Complaints

Lots of styling 

Despite how it appears in movies, you can’t wake up with flawless bangs. Bangs will stick to your forehead, be susceptible to an awful bedhead, and remain uncooperative overall. Luckily, with the right styling tools, bangs can look absolutely beautiful. However, high-maintenance styling could be a drawback for people who are often in a rush. 

Frequent haircuts

Once bangs start to grow, they grow. To keep it at an ideal length, you might have to cut your hair often. 

Awkward lengths

If you decide to let your bangs grow, you have to endure the awkward growing-out phase where your fringe is too long to be considered bangs yet it doesn’t match the length of the rest of your hair. Not fun. 

Forehead acne

Oil from your face touches your bangs, your bangs touch your face some more, and you may see increased acne as a result. If your hair is already prone to becoming greasy throughout the day, bangs might enhance the issue. 

Cowlicks are a no-go

If you have a cowlick, bangs may be even more difficult to handle because they never settle in the right spot. It’s possible to coax them into place, but it won’t be an easy task. I sympathize with this TikTok user. 

The final choice

All in all, bangs are worth a try! The commitment might be scary, so you can start with longer curtain bangs and eventually work your way up to shorter styles. Even if you don’t love it, fear not, the hair will grow back so you’ll only have bangs for a few months. If you’re looking for hairstyle inspo, celebs like Taylor Swift and Zoey Deschanel have been rocking versatile bangs looks for years. So, the next time you’re getting your hair cut, consider testing the waters with a cute fringe cut!

Amanda Albaugh

Bowling Green '26

Hi there! My name is Amanda and I'm a first-year at Bowling Green :) I'm currently undecided but I'm considering pursuing a career in law. I enjoy all things related to Taylor Swift and I occupy my free time by going on walks, binge-watching Netflix, and learning how to crochet cute little animals.