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Anna’s Guide: My Favorite Places to Thrift!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowling Green chapter.

In recent years, thrifting has become a popular activity for many people. For college students, it is a way to treat themselves to a new outfit without breaking the bank. Secondhand shopping is cheaper and it gives clothes another life. There are many different methods to thrift, both online and in person. My personal favorites are ThreadUp, Depop, Plato’s Closet, and Goodwill. 

The vintage and designer pieces of your dreams: ThreadUp

ThreadUP caters to women and children. They have designer and premium brands like Gucci or Tory Burch.  “With over 50 million sellers, this store brings sellers and buyers together at incredibly affordable prices. You’ll find genuinely vintage clothing and practically new designer clothes.”. This site will help you find the pieces you’re looking for with ease. 

Instagramable content; Depop 

Originally based in London, Depop’s interface is similar to Instagram’s with curated photos of the clothing. They have clothes for all identities. This provides ideas for styling that make the clothes seem more desirable. You can find repurposed, used, and vintage pieces on this site. Another part of the website that I enjoy perusing is the brand tab. They have everything from American Eagle to Zumiez. 

The Trendy Option: Plato’s Closet 

Plato’s closet focuses on a younger demographic. They have clothing for all identities. A cool part of this shop is that you can bring your own clothes you want to sell and receive a portion of the new selling price. While they’re a bit picky with their choices, these tough regulations lead to better options for buyers.

Close to home: Goodwill

Goodwill is a nonprofit that accepts all donations. The Goodwill in Bowling Green was just redone. They reopened on March 1st! Goodwill sells clothes for all identities along with household items. I haven’t visited the store since it was redone but I’m excited to see the changes. 

I hope this guide to some popular thrift stores was helpful! Happy thrifting!




Anna Withrow

Bowling Green '24

Anna is the Events Coordinator at BGSU. She is a senior Digital Arts major with an Image and Word minor. In her free time, she enjoys reading, dancing, writing, and hanging with friends.