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Looking for some songs to start your morning routine off right or end the night listening to? Well, you have come to the right place. As of lately, I have been obsessed with making many playlists on my Spotify @wolschlegerjaime. To be specific, I am on playlist #90 right now! I gathered my favorite artists at the moment who are not just talented at making music but also creating art.

The artists’ lyrics have messages in their songs that are beautiful and meaningful. Each artist has a certain vibe and intention they share with the world that allows listeners to feel that they are a part of something. Music plays an incredible role in daily life. It helps calm the mind when anxious thoughts arise, puts you in a good mood when feeling down, and so much more! Most importantly, music allows us to connect with our emotions, and others around us. Here are a few song recommendations from my favorite alternative/indie artists to play when you are in every kind of mood.

Alternative/Indie Artists:

Tame iMPALA: for when you just want to lay in bed but rock out

Tame Impala is a musical group created by Kevin Parker. Parker’s music is very chill with a focus on many instruments, rhythm, and musical beats. Many of the themes in his albums are change, struggle, growth, development, and his love life. Two of my song recommendations by Tame Impala are “No Choice” and “New Person, Same Old Mistakes.”

Phoebe Bridgers: songs to play when anxious to Calm the mind but also cry

Phoebe Bridgers is a solo artist who sings and writes her music. Her songs are so lovely and take you on a rollercoaster with so much emotion. A few themes in her albums are relationships, mental health, and her personal life. Two of my song recommendations by Phoebe Bridgers are “Motion Sickness” and “Kyoto.”

Glass animals: Party Songs to dance around in your room to

Glass Animals is a rock band that was created by lead singer, Dave Bayley. Their songs are a mix of many genres and explore new sounds and catchy beats. All of the members use their instruments and vocals in a way that comes together beautifully. Two of my song recommendations by Glass Animals are “Heat Waves” and “I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance).”

Noah Kahan: For when you are in the feels and driving

Noah Kahan is a solo artist who has many talents. He is a very authentic artist who makes songs that are comforting, calming, and purely amazing. You may just catch yourself playing his music on repeat. Many of the themes in his songs are self-reflection, overcoming struggles, growth, love, and mental health. Two of my song recommendations by Noah Kahan are “Hollow” and “Hallelujah.”

Hippo Campus: For when your mind can’t take any more and you just need to daydream

Hippo Campus is a rock band that explores new sounds and rhythms in their music. A few themes from their albums are love, loss, maturing, and life itself. Everyone in the band has the ability to come together in unity very well with their instruments. Two of my song recommendations by Hippo Campus are “Ride or Die” and “Where to Now.”

Maggie Rogers: Sad songs to listen to when reflecting and reading

Maggie Rogers is a singer who incorporates many styles in her music. She has soft vocals and beautiful tempos that blend together nicely. The themes in her albums are life, the world, love, and discovering yourself. Two of my song recommendations by Maggie Rogers are “Fallingwater” and “Give A Little.”

BETWEEN FRIENDS: for when you can’t stop thinking about your crush and you’re doing homework

BETWEEN FRIENDS is a music group that is made up of siblings. Their songs are spacey and focus on trying new patterns and styles that make you feel relaxed. The themes in their songs are healing, overcoming, and affection. Two of my song recommendations by BETWEEN FRIENDS are “affection” and “suburban wonderland.”

DAYGLOW: when you want to show off your dance moves and vibe

Dayglow is a musical band led by Sloan Struble. The songs are filled with many different instruments such as the piano, drums, guitar, and soothing vocals. The themes in their albums are accepting change, being positive, and feeling emotions. Two of my song recommendations by Dayglow are “Crying on the Dancefloor” and “Can I Call You Tonight.”

Half Alive: to feel something and take charge of your life

Half alive is a band led by Josh Taylor. The group brings all different time periods and music styles together in their songs.The themes in their albums are relationships, well-being, and therapy. Two of my song recommendations by half alive are “Make of It” and “Hot Tea.”

REx orange county: waking up and feeling happiness for the first time in a while

Rex Orange County is a singer known as Alexander O’Conner. Many of the songs focus on O’Conner’s vocals and are slow that leads to a faster tempo in the chorus.The themes in some of his albums are relationships, friendships, growing up, and reflection. Two of my song recommendations by Rex Orange County are “Best Friend” and “It’s Not The Same Anymore.”

STILL WOOZY: That feeling when you keep falling in and out of sleep

Still Woozy is a singer known by the name Sven Eric Gamsky. His music is laid back and chill and incorporates guitar, bass, and piano, and he mixes his songs perfectly. The themes in his work are overcoming struggles, life, and mental health. Two of my song recommendations by Still Woozy are “Rocky” and “Window.”

GIRL in red: When you are feeling disconnected and lost

Girl in Red is a singer who’s name is Marie Ulven Ringheim. Her music is a mix between bold lyrics and vocals and slow and catchy rhythms.The themes of her music are mainly centered around mental health and love. Two of my song recommendations by girl in red are “Body And Mind” and “we fell in love in october.”

CAGE THE ELEPHANT: sleep deprived but you have lots of energy

Cage The Elephant is a band led by Matt Shultz. The group’s sound is very unique with the incorporation of drums, piano, keyboard, guitar, and deep vocals.The themes in their albums are learning to let go, accept change, overcome fears, and love. Two of my song recommendations by Cage The Elephant are “Come a Little Closer” and “Social Cues.”

Happy Listening! :)

Listening to music sends signals to the brain that improve physical, mental, and emotional health. Enjoy discovering new music this year and exploring all genres. Everyone’s relationship with music is so unique and personal. It also promotes inspiration, connection, and enhances life. If you didn’t know, there is a feature on Spotify called “Discover Weekly” where you can listen to new songs and it allows you to branch out and find new artists for your music taste. I’ll leave you now to put your headphones in and jam out to your favorite songs. :)

Jaime Wolschleger

Bowling Green '24

Jaime is currently a sophomore at Bowling Green State University. She is majoring in psychology with a minor in nutrition. She is very passionate about helping other people through experience and spreading advice. She discusses creating balance, sharing her favorite thoughts on intuitive eating, self love, body image, anxiety + mental health, fitness, media and so much more!
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