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Lani Beaudette

8 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

Let’s face it, this is not everyone’s favorite holiday. Love is in the air but you may not be in the mood for it. That’s okay. Not everyone has a loving partner to spend the day with, but we all have ourselves. And everyone deserves a little self-love and pampering. So here are some ideas to “date yourself” this Valentine’s Day.

Take yourself out to dinner

It’s time to yourself out to dinner! And no I don’t mean Chipotle. Try dining in at your favorite restaurant and grabbing a table for one. This is such a power move and a way to boost your confidence and social skills. While this can seem like a scary thing to do if you’ve never dined alone, stick to something familiar. Choose a location you feel comfortable and order some food you know you’ll love!

Buy yourself flowers

If you like flowers, pick out a bouquet you love! This is honestly better than someone else gifting you flowers because you can make sure you’ll actually get the kind you like. If you’re not a flower person, pick up a new potted plant from your local greenhouse. You can even get a fun vase or a cute pot to go with it!

Make yourself a (self) love playlist

This is exactly what it sounds like. Make a romantic playlist for yourself. This is way better than sharing a love song with a significant other and then having it be ruined after you break up. You can choose some sweet ballads or some songs that make you feel like a baddie (might I recommend some Lizzo) for your playlist!

treat yourself to some new jewelry

For those of us who like jewelry, this is a great time to treat yourself! There are so many companies have sales, especially after Valentine’s Day is over. This is a chance to grab a new necklace or some earrings at a great price!

bake yourself some goodies

Take some time to try out a new recipe! Browse Pinterest to find a sweet treat to make. If you’re not the biggest fan of baking or you’re impatient, you can try out an easy mug cake. Or you can bake yourself (and your friends) dozens of cookies. There are plenty of options to choose from!

order a takeout feast

If you don’t feel like cooking, treat yourself to some food from your favorite restaurant without having to leave your dorm or apartment. Wether you’re in the mood for burgers or sushi, there’s an option for you. Note: If you have Prime Student you get free delivery on GrubHub, so take advantage of that offer.

Get yourself a new video game to play

For all my gamers out there, why not buy a new game to play? My personal recommendation is to get a new Sims expansion pack! Grab some snacks and set up a fun night of gaming for yourself! You can also see if you have friends or family to play with which could be really fun,

write yourself a love letter

Take some time to thank yourself for being you. You can write a list of all the things you love about yourself or some affirmations to help you make it through the month. You deserve the same love that you would give to anyone else, so make sure to express your gratitude for yourself on your self love journey.

I hope my ideas help make Valentine’s Day more bearable. And don’t forget to stock up on the after holiday chocolate sales!

Anna Kubitz

Bowling Green '22

Anna is a student at Bowling Green State University studying Visual Communication Technology and minoring in Marketing. She is chapter President and Campus Coordinator of Her Campus at BGSU. She loves fashion, music, matcha lattes, and is passionate about creating beautiful things. Anna also creates midsize fashion and lifestyle content on Instagram, @annakubitz.
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