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8 Reasons Why HBO’s “Euphoria” is Literally the Best Show

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After its first season debuted in 2019, “Euphoria” has been a beloved show by many. It’s easy to understand why, “Euphoria” had an amazing feel to it. With its beautiful characters, amazing soundtrack, ground-breaking videography, and complex plot, “Euphoria” viewers were begging for more after the first season was released. Our hopes and prayers were answered with season two. Although the new season has an entirely different feel to it, here’s why both season one and two of Euphoria prove it is literally the best show.

LGBTQ+ Representation

In my opinion, “Euphoria” represents the LGBTQ+ community in an entirely authentic way. We are first introduced to Jules (Hunter Schaffer) as a very feminine transgender woman. We learn about her story and her mindset of femininity. When learning about Jules in her backstory, we learned that she transitioned at a very early age. “Euphoria” did an amazing job demonstrating how difficult it was to do so. Jules was predominantly straight until she met Rue (Zendaya) and they both fell in love with each other.

“It’s not like anyone’s 100 percent straight or 100 percent gay.”

Maddy Perez, “Euphoria”

“Euphoria” also represents members of the LGBT+ community that are closeted or haven’t came out yet. We see this with Jacob Elordi’s character, Nate, as he demonstrates the negative stigma surrounding bisexual or bicurious men. Nate’s sexuality is suppressed and he struggles with his father’s affairs in fear that he is like him.


“Euphoria” does an excellent job discussing how toxic gender roles can be. In Jules’ case, she based her femininity on men. Jules tried to appeal to men, and to conquer men in order to conquer femininity. Jules’ gender identity was never really her own, it always depended on men.

Nate’s character really represented toxic masculinity and how he had been immersed in it his entire life. His father deeply-rooted homophobia and extreme masculinity into Nate when he was very young, thus causing Nate to have mixed feelings about his sexuality. Nate is overly aggressive, possessive, and controlling when it comes to the women he is dating. He also finds masculine things that women do to be extremely repulsive. “Euphoria” really sheds light on gender roles and how others influence that.

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Drug and substance abuse Awareness

Most of the characters in “Euphoria” partake in drugs or alcohol at some point in the series. Some of these characters have serious issues like Rue. “Euphoria” doesn’t glamorize drug use. However, “Euphoria” shows both the ups and downs of Rue’s journey of sobriety. Her journey is authentic and raw, the viewers feel as though they are personally a part of Rue’s journey. “Euphoria” shows why drugs may be enticing with feelings of immense happiness but, ultimately show how detrimental they can be to someone’s life.

Mental Health Awareness

Throughout the series, “Euphoria” sheds light on many different types of mental health issues that their teenage cast deals with. Rue, deals with a variety of diagnosed mental issues such as bipolar disorder, ADHD, OCD, and general anxiety. This coincides with her substance abuse issue as well because she had always been on medicine to cope with her illnesses. This made her more prone to drug abuse. There are other characters that struggle with mental health issues as well. Jules has past issues with self-harm and traumatic events with her mother’s substance abuse. Cassie struggles with abandonment and co-dependency due to her father’s absence. Trauma-bonding is present in Nate and Maddy’s relationship due to the emotional and physical abuse she endured. Kat also struggles with body image issues which she then works to overcome. All of these mental health topics are extremely relevant to today’s society and are portrayed in a realistic way.

SHeds Light on abusive and toxic Relationships

“Euphoria” explores a variety of different types of relationships. There are online relationships, abusive relationships, gay relationships, straight relationships, one-night stands, etc. Sadly, the majority of these relationships are abusive or toxic. Rue and Jules relationship is very co-dependent, Rue’s sobriety is heavily held on Jules’ actions and wellbeing. Cassie and McKay’s relationship was also very toxic. McKay was ashamed of Cassie and her past and, Cassie occasionally cheated on McKay. Maddy and Nate’s relationship was extremely toxic and abusive. Nate hit Maddy on several occasions, manipulated her, and cheated on her. Although everyone could see how toxic and abusive this relationship was, Maddy always found herself back with Nate. I think it is so important that these relationships were displayed in “Euphoria” because they are so common. Many teenagers are in abusive or toxic relationships and don’t know it. Although the circumstances in “Euphoria” are sometimes extreme, they are relatable to those who have been in bad relationships.

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Relatable Due to Such Diversity

Because there is so much versatility in “Euphoria”, there is a character for everyone. “Euphoria” tackles so many different issues like substance abuse, mental health, LGBTQ+ issues, gender norms, and abusive relationships. These are all very pressing issues to teenagers and “Euphoria” represents them so they are all brought to light and discussed in an authentic way. The cast and characters of “Euphoria” are also very diverse and relate to people of different ethnicities, socio-economic classes, childhood experiences, genders, sexualities, and mental health standings. There is something for almost everyone in “Euphoria”.

Beautiful Videography and Portrayal

Let’s be honest, “Euphoria” looks and feels good. Something about it sets it apart from other shows. Season one is demonstrated in a bright, beautiful, living way. The colors in season one are bright, vibrant, and vivid shades of cool and jewel tones. Season one has a distinguished aesthetic that feels as though you are immersed in the show. It feels like a giant party most of the time. Season two has an entirely different vibe. Season two is toned-down, relaxed, and feels almost like a memory. The colors in season two are comforting, dull shades of warm and earthy tones. Season two’s aesthetic feels as though you are looking back at the events happening, like a memory. The change in aesthetic could indicate a major change in the characters behaviors and demeanors .

Simply iconic

The cast, wardrobe, makeup, setting, and music in “Euphoria” are simply iconic. “Euphoria” has opened up the world to a variety of different fashion and makeup trends that are as unique as they are beautiful. The actors and actresses of “Euphoria” bring the show to life with their witty remarks and unforgettable personalities. “Euphoria” will forever be a show that stands apart from others in an amazing and unique way, it is truly a show that demonstrates and recognizes gen-z as complex generation rather than a group of young adults and teens.

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