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5 Starbucks Drinks For Non-Coffee Lovers

Coffee isn’t for everyone. Espresso can create a stir or strong elements, but some many not care for the instant caffeination at the price of the taste. While others may order Starbucks on the daily, some newbies may not know what to order – especially if you don’t like coffee. Some of the options may be obvious, but there are drinks that look like a typical fancy coffee drink at Starbucks that contains no espresso. It’s advertised that Starbucks is a coffee shop, thus leaving customers to assume the franchise only sells coffee, but they have quite a few choices for non-coffee lovers. 



Strawberry Acai, Mango Dragonfruit, and Very Berry Hibiscus are all refreshers or shall I say, heavily caffeinated drinks with bits of dried inclusions in it. It’s a perfect refreshing drink for a hot summer or ideal for anyone who doesn’t care for the taste of espresso. This may not be the drink you order if you are trying to stay away from calories, but any of the refreshers have a unique taste as they do pack quite a bunch in the tart or bitter flavorings. 

Chai Latte

Chai brings out an interesting taste, one that most compare to the taste of gingerbread. It is completely made of Chai syrup, water, and milk. Everyone may be skeptical as it has the word ‘latte’ after it and you will be given a regular hot coffee cup, but I can assure you there is no espresso in it. However, chai appears as a hit-or-miss flavor. Several people crave chai, but others seem to dislike the strong flavoring as one can compare to a powerful spice. Overall, chai is the best option if you want to look like you’re drinking coffee through an outsider’s perspective, however, the risk is in the drink itself as it hard-hitting in the taste. 

Hot or Iced Tea

Teas are delightful to drink for any time of the day. They do have a broader range of choices as there are four types of iced teas and, based on location, a decent selection of hot teas. As the selection is impressive, there are also decaf options. For iced tea, passion tea is decaffeinated and hot teas it’ll depend on the location of the Starbucks, but there should be one option for a hot decaf tea. Furthermore, anyone can add some sweetener to their tea or even upgrade to add lemonade to any iced tea. As this may not be an ideal option for some, it certainly is an option for those who dislike espresso. 

Creme-based Frappuccinos

Frappuccinos sound and look like a coffee drink, but they are cream or creme-based ones that require no coffee. As there is no coffee, it just replaces the coffee roast with more whole milk. Some creme-based frappuccinos include the vanilla bean, double chocolatey chip, matcha green tea, and strawberries and creme frappe. Also note that any Frappuccino you order they may include coffee, you can ask for it creme based or without the coffee roast. However, these drinks are only accessible cold. It may not be a great winter time drink, but it’s perfect for the summer.

Hot Chocolate 

Now, anyone can make hot chocolate at home, but Starbucks makes their hot chocolate fresh and with a thick mocha sauce. Many at-home hot chocolate drinks use powdered chocolate, which makes the taste seem thin. Starbucks uses their fresh mocha syrup to make the hot chocolate taste thick. Also, it’s fully mocha sauce and milk with whip cream, which means no water. Starbucks has an amazing hot chocolate remedy for cold days, but it also contains no coffee so it’s an easy way to get a hot beverage.

Some of these options may seem obvious, but other choices some never even knew were possibilities. In actuality, many of the coffee drinks at Starbucks, can be ordered without coffee in it. As the drink make look different, it still can contain a taste factor by applying more milk. Furthermore, Starbucks should be known for several of its drinks, not just the coffee ones. Next time you go into a Starbucks, take a glance at the menu and see what is made without coffee. It may just surprise you.

Aubreyonna Van Hoose is a freshman Film Production major and Journalism minor at Bowling Green State University. She also writes for the BG News and loves watching films in her free time. While filmmaking and writing are her passion, she loves working at her local coffee shop.
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