5 Rainy Day Activities

Here are some activities to try out on a rainy day. Take advantage of your rainy day and stay cozy inside! Who wants to be out in the rain anyway? 


The Classic: Make a cup of tea or coffee, curl up with a book and a blanket, and play some chill music

The chill vibes are endless! This is honestly my dream day, to be able to sit inside and watch the rain come down without having to be out in the cold rain. Spotify has some great rainy day playlists, including some with my favorite rainy day genre, jazz music. My personal rainy day drink of choice is a mug or earl grey tea, and if you’re feeling fancy you can add some creamer or dairy of your choice and make your own “London Fog Latte” at home!


Netflix and Chill (Literally)

Are there shows that you’ve been meaning to catch up on? Take a break and start up Netflix because a rainy day is the perfect time to binge some of your favorite shows. You can also invite some pals over to watch some movies with! Some of my favorite Netflix shows include Stranger Things (duh), The Politician, and Nailed it! I also love any of John Mulaney’s standup specials, as well as Arrested Development and Parks and Recreation. 


Treat Yourself to A Spa Day

Another great idea is to have an at home spa day for yourself! Its time to pull out that collection of face masks that you’ve gotten as gifts and put them to good use. If you have a bathtub, bubble baths are the perfect way to unwind. You can also paint your nails and use a deep conditioning mask on your hair. This is also a good time to do your eyebrows, since I know we all put this off. The opportunities are endless for your DIY spa day. 


Bake Some Goodies

If you’re a foodie who loves to bake, a rainy day is the perfect time to start perfecting some of your recipes. You can also practice your decorating skills by making cookies or cupcakes to share with your friends. Pinterest has lots of great recipes that you can search through to find something fun and new to bake. I’m sure your friends will be happy when you share all your leftovers with them too!


Get Crafty

If you’ve been looking to find time to make some crafts, a rainy day is the perfect day to test some out. If you like painting, most craft stores have small canvases that are fairly inexpensive to purchase. If you don’t consider yourself to be artsy - no worries! You can always put on a Bob Ross video and paint some happy little trees along with him. You could also make friendship bracelets or anklets with some friends. Pinterest also has loads of DIY crafts that are just waiting for you to try them out!