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5 Queer Artists To Add To Your Playlists

ChappelL Roan

If you’re into a more eccentric pop feel, Chappell’s music is right up your alley. Chappell Roan is a queer woman who writes her music primarily directed towards other women loving women. She is most known for her song Pink Pony Club which was released in 2020 and received a lot of attention on TikTok. She has just recently released a new song titled Naked In Manhattan that is based around the experience of a woman falling in love with another woman for the first time.

Listen to Naked In Manhattan here!


Well known for their song Silk Chiffon (2021) that featured Phoebe Bridgers, MUNA has really made a name for themselves in recent years. All three of MUNA’s members, Katie Gavin, Naomi McPherson, and Josette Maskin, are part of the queer community and are constantly incorporating queer identity into their music. Silk Chiffon, for example, is centered around two wlw who have clear mutual feelings for each other. Their newest release, Anything But Me, is an upbeat indie pop song about leaving a relationship simply because it no longer feels right. MUNA is one of my personal obsessions at the moment and I can’t wait for them to release their third album in June.

You should really give this one a listen… trust me.

Girl in red

If you’re a queer person, you most likely have heard of her. Marie started creating music as girl in red in 2017 and has since gotten extremely popular–especially amongst the wlw community. If you were on TikTok in 2020, you’ve probably heard of we fell in love in october, a song Marie released in 2018, or even the phrase “Do you listen to girl in red?” that was used as a way to ask about someone’s sexuality indirectly. Recently, girl in red has released an album in 2021 titled if i could make it go quiet and has begun a sold out tour in North America this spring. Some favorites from this new album include hornylovesickmess, Serotonin, I’ll Call You Mine, and midnight love.

My personal favorite is You Stupid Bitch.


Another very well known queer artist is Dodie. Dodie has a very soft toned voice and that has inherently made her music feel more intimate. One of their most popular releases, She, shows the realization that they have feelings for another woman and how they debate if these feelings are okay to have. This song has been a queer staple since it was released in 2019. Most recently, Dodie released an album called Build A Problem (2021) and is actively touring in the US. Some fan favorites from the album include Hate Myself, When, and I Kissed Someone (It Wasn’t You).

I recommend listening to “When”

RINA sawayama

Rina Sawayama is a Japanese-British pansexual musician that creates both upbeat pop music with a hint of hyperpop here and there. Rina is a popular pop artist, but she has increasingly become more known after collaborating with Charli XCX on Beg For You. In 2020, she released her genre-bending album Sawayama that was an unexpected hit–-gaining praise from The New York Times, The Guardian, and even Elton John himself. Rina makes it a priority to be open with her fans about her sexuality and expresses it through her music frequently. Cherry, a song she released in 2018, talks about a coming out experience while being in a heterosexual-appearing relationship.

LIsten to Cherry here.
Maddie Doss

Bowling Green '24

Maddie is a sophomore at Bowling Green State University pursuing a degree in Media Production and a minor in Music Industry. Their favorite artist is 5 Seconds Of Summer. She is also a Swiftie who loves thrifting, live music, astrology, and modern art. Maddie is very passionate about supporting her favorite artists. They are most inclined to write about gender and LGBTQ+ studies, music, astrology, social media, and mental health.