In which ways is BSU similar to your favorite fictional HBCUs?

Part One: Bowie State v. Hillman
Many students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) will say their interest in attending an HBCU was sparked by popular, fictional institutions. With all of the pro-black movements still occurring in the 80’s, many students have been exposed to these pretend institutions since birth. The Cosby Show first introduced the world to Hillman College. Viewers were able to get a better understanding of the school with its spin-off, A Different World. In 1988, Spike Lee released School Daze. This film introduced us to Mission College. In more recent years, we have seen Drumline’s Atlanta A and T University and Stomp the Yard’s Truth University. Does Bowie State fulfil the perceptions of HBCUs created by these fictional institutions?

Bowie State V. Hillman:

Education: Students at both Bowie and Hillman take academics seriously. Of course there are always slackers and over achievers. Many Bowie State professors and staff members will go above and beyond to see that the students are getting the most out of their education, much like Hillman’s professors. BSU offers a very diverse

School Spirit: There is great BSU pride which can be seen outside of homecoming. This university is so dear to many graduates that they seek careers within the university. Similar to Whitley and Dwayne Wayne, we have resident directors and professors who are BSU graduates. These faculty and staff members help to build Bulldog pride in current students. There are also many students who are the second or third generation of students to attend Bowie State University, much like Denise Huxtable.

Awareness of African American issues: Bowie State University students are very aware of what is going on with African Americans throughout the country and the world. In 2007, Bowie State University students rallied for the Jena six. In 2008, Bowie State students voted for and celebrated the election of President Barack Obama. In 2010, the university opened its doors to host a rally for our president. In addition, the students at BSU have always been concerned with the AIDS pandemic and how it effects the African American population. Many programs are held during the week of World AIDS day.

Finding a Spouse: Contrary to what people may believe, many people fall in love and marry their classmates. One such couple is Dawn and Robert Wooden, III. They met while attending BSU and are now married with three sons. There have been countless others in recent years.  With the number of available student activities on campus, it is not hard to find the love of your life!
Greek Life: While there is not much talk of Greek life on Hillman’s campus, it is evident that eight of the divine 9 organizations were present. Within scenes at the Pit, it was normal to see a Greek hanging out in para. While we have a pub and not a Pit, it is common to see the Greeks passing time. We are privileged to have all nine of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, along with six independent organizations.