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It Takes a Village: Full-time Student Parent

Motherhood is such a beautiful journey that many people look forward to someday. But whew bay-bee, it is no walk in the park and as a full-time student and there can be a lot of sacrifices to make without a village.

Don’t worry, you’re in luck. Bowie State University has welcomed a new organization that may ease your stress. You may have seen the childcare center survey earlier this semester, here is what you need to know!

With the Fall semester beginning, our days are full of new opportunities, learning experiences and responsibilities. As a full-time student as well as a full-time parent, your schedule can become quite demanding. I had the pleasure of interviewing Sydney Barnes, President of the Student Parent Association (SPA) as she shares tips and encouragement for other student parents.

Student Parent Association (SPA) is a new organization that supports students who are parents/caregivers through services and programs for them as well as their children with the goal of making sure that they are both thriving within their education field while having quality time together as well. Sydney intends for SPA to be a “supportive environment by providing resources to help BSU students navigate through school while being a parent.” 

As a mother herself, Sydney mentions balancing the two as “a challenging but rewarding experience in which I have learned a lot about what I am capable of as a person while accomplishing things I never thought I could.” She uses her experience as a mother and caregiver to provide beneficial information and workshops for other parents on campus. Sydney Barnes recommends that all parents review the Title IX Amendment to understand your rights on campus as a parent.

The great news is that before and after childcare will soon be readily available for BSU parents! While there is no set date, be sure to check out SPA’s Instagram for updates and events at @bsustudentparent.

Also, if you’re interested in a SPA membership there are two simple steps:

  1. Fill out the registration form (found in the SPA Instagram bio)
  2. Pay the $10 dues.

While being a parent and a full-time college student is extremely difficult, the Student Parent Association at Bowie State University is doing everything they can to help you ease the stress. They are here to guide and support you!

Keva McCray

Bowie State '23

Keva is a senior Broadcast Journalism student at Bowie State University. After retiring from the U.S. Army, she decided to follow her dreams of becoming a talk show host. Her hobbies include journaling, video and photo editing, and traveling. Her lifetime goal is to write a book and produce the film to it.