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  1. Age: 18
  2. Relationship Status: Depends on the season
  3. Major: Bio
  4. Minor: Econ
  5. Who is your celebrity crush? The girl who plays Autumn in 500 days of Summer.
  6. What do you find attractive in a girl?  One that’s spontaneous, silly, sexy, and smart. A lady in the street, but a…everywhere else.
  7. What is your favorite spot on campus? 3rd Floor of Mass Hall. Couches are great for napping.
  8. Did you have a nickname? Sister still calls me Tungie.
  9. Favorite movie of all time? All chick flicks. Friends with Benefits is pretty good. The Notebook is a classic.
  10. Three words to describe yourself: Nada-morning-person, dog-lover, responsibly-fun.


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