Trevor Kenkel '18

Major: Undeclared, but hopefully Biology with a minor in Economics Hometown: Kalispell, MT Relationship Status: Single Campus Activities: Springworks (a sustainable agriculture company), Men’s Rugby

HC: What do you look for in a potential partner?TK: "Sense of humor is very important, but intelligence definitely ranks up there, too. You just got to have fun together, and a sense of humor is essential for that.”

HC: What are some of your biggest turn-offs? TK: “When a girl acts like she’s stupid, even though she’s not. As if it counts against her somehow.”

HC: Who is your celebrity crush? TK: “I’m going to have to go with [Emilia Clarke, who plays] Daenarys Targaryan on Game of Thrones.”

HC: What is your dream date? TK: "Riding dragons with Daenarys Targaryan. (Laughs). Actually, no – hiking up a mountain to a beautiful waterfall, eating a picnic, watching a sunset, and then camping for the night.”

HC: What’s your best quality? TK: "How humble I am.”

HC: What are some causes or issues that matter to you? TK: “Sustainable agriculture, right off the top there.  I think it’s a big challenge that we all face, and I’m excited to be a part of the solution.”

HC: Have you always cared about sustainable agriculture, or was there a special moment that sparked your interest?TK: “Actually there kind of was. There was this creek I used to go to fly-fish sometimes.  It was probably fourth grade when all the fish in the creek died, and all the biodiversity of the creek was significantly reduced, and I wondered what had happened. It turned out it was agriculture upstream that was causing the harm to the glacier-fed creek.”

HC: What’s a fun fact about yourself? TK:“I once won a hula-hooping contest in Mexico. I actually got roped into it by my family. I had never hula-hooped before, but I’m very competitive, so I didn’t want to lose. Turns out I ended up facing off with this young Mexican girl. We were going at it, I was looping the hoop around my neck and she was going crazy, but I ended up winning five-hundred pesos. And then this guy asked me if I wanted to be on the international hula-hooping circuit.”

HC: Do you have any advice for anyone that wants to get to know you better? TK: “Just come up and talk to me!”