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Stomped and Hollered

I recently wrote about the upcoming event, Stomp and Holler. Yesterday that event came and went; however, its impact and implications resound around campus.

At the event, we heard from faculty, staff, and students about the importance of sexual assault prevention and the value of female’s individual sexual agency. Jay Greene, one of V-Day’s leaders, kicked off the event in Smith Union, giving an introduction regarding the goals of Stomp and Holler and why V-Day decided to include it in fall programming this year.

Jay passed the microphone over to Randy Nichols, Director of Bowdoin Security. Randy explained the role of security in prevention and follow-up of sexual assault on the Bowdoin campus. Ultimately, he made it clear that Bowdoin Security is deeply committed to the safety of Bowdoin students and that it is imperative that students look out for each other as well. Following Jay and Randy, other community members and students stepped up to say a few words. Speakers included deans Janet Lohmann and Jarrett Young and other student leaders on campus, including co-director of V-Day, Paulina Borrego.

Overall, Stomp and Holler was a huge success. I was glad to be there and, once again, was reminded how lucky I am to be part of an amazing and intelligent group of Bowdoin women. While sexual assault is a grave subject, the event had an overwhelmingly positive feeling. This was the first annual Stomp and Holler, but I think it is an event that will continue and improve in the years to come. 

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