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Stanton Plummer Cambridge ’13

Government and Legal Studies/ French
Rugby, Bowdoin College Longfellows, and Mentoring 
Relationships status?
Ideal date?
Call me cliché but I’m a big fan of the “dinner and a movie” plan… I don’t think first dates need to be too serious, I’m happy as long as I’m with a girl I can laugh with.
Dream job?
Working for the U.N. as an Ambassador…fer sher.
Most listened to song on your ipod?
Express Yourself by N.W.A.
Rugby nickname?
Winston Oswald Pepperington IV… or T Bone… I prefer T bone
Favorite Longfellows song?
Sally Gardens, It is well, Hip Hop Medley
Narrow- mindedness
Best class at Bowdoin so far?
Bridging Divisions with Shelley Deane
Are you going abroad?If so, where?
Paris during Spring semester
Salty or sweet? 
Definitely Sweet

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