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Raid My Closet: Lauren Napier ’09

If you haven’t noticed, ‘Posh In The Pines‘ has undergone some changes and George Ellzey is taking on fashion blogging solo dolo.

I’m so pumped for this year of fashion. As usually, I’m drawing inspiration from the runway and morphing it with the fashions found on the Bowdoin Quad–as well as providing you with helpful tips to make high fashion work for your budget, body type and style.

To start this New Year off with a bang, I’m mixing things up. Rather than taking photographs of individuals out and about on campus (see ‘Any Given Day‘) this corner of HCBowdoin will be all about the closet raid.

 This week I raided the incredibly stylish and rebellious Lauren Napier’s closet. Lauren always brings something fresh and cool to the Bowdoin fashion scene.

George: Thanks for agreeing to do this. I want to start off by asking you. How would you describe your personal style?

Lauren: Oh my. I’m always ready for Sunset Boulevard. You laugh but I’m always ready. Sunset Boulevard was the first place I lived on my own. My first night on the strip, I met Tommy Lee and he showed me rock n roll. The night included several whiskey shots. 

George: Who are your style icons?

Lauren: Nia Hagan, Edie Sedgwick, and Nikki Sixx I love his tight pants.

George: What are three items from your closet that you cannot live without?

Lauren: Gold unitard, Lanvin purse, old lady purple shawl, cheetah print dress with feathers, black velvet Steve Madden pumps and black and white stripe blazer with heart pendant and safety pin detail on sleeves which I added. 

George: Can you describe Bowdoin style in 3 words?

Lauren: Lazy, Sweatpants and unimaginative.

George: How so?

Lauren: Everybody is so preoccupied with academics that they forget about their appearance. We’re all intelligent individuals. Intelligent people must have creativity. In the 60’s and in other time periods, people would take time for their appearances. Something was lost in time. You have to present yourself in a collected manner and that means a complete package. Bowdoin style is rather lackluster.


What makes a person fashionable?

A strong sense of self-confidence and the ability to take risks. It’s also about illustrating your day through clothing choices. And overall just having fun!

Lauren’s interview is just one perspective on campus. From the hyper fashionista, to plain Joe, Bowdoin style is so eclectic but that’s what makes Bowdoin ‘Bowdoin.’ 

That’s it for this week. Look out for me on campus with cameras. YOU may be featured on my next blog.


George Ellzey


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