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QUIZ: Which Bowdoin Building Are You?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowdoin chapter.

If Bowdoin College buildings could talk, which one would you hit it off with? Keep track of your answers, and remember: no cheating!

1. Choose a social construct:     a. Time     b. Gender     c. Sleep     d. Knowledge     e. Myself


2. A blizzard hits campus, and all your professors cancel class. What do you do on this blessed day?     a. Play ice hockey on the quad and participate in a snowball fight     b. Upload a picture of campus to Instagram with lots of winter hashtags     c. Prepare some hot cocoa and take a nap by a fireplace     d. Head to the library and get a head start on make-up work     e. Bundle up and go on an adventure


3. Finals are approaching! How do you de-stress?     a. I take a nighttime walk around campus.     b. I got out for a fun night out with my besties.     c. I have a Netflix marathon with lots of popcorn.     d. I keep working. There’s nothing more calming than knowing I aced an assignment.     e. I give myself an inspirational speech.


4. If you could only eat one Bowdoin meal for the rest of your life, it would include…     a. The Bowdoin Log     b. Maine lobster     c. a Chicken Parm sandwich     d. Guatemalan trade coffee and a chocolate croissant     e. GORP from the Outing Club


5. Pick an off-campus location to visit on a Saturday:     a. The Gelato Fiasco, Libby’s Market, anywhere that’s quintessentially Maine     b. Joshua’s Tavern for a drink with some friends     c. Wild Oats! I love people-watching.     d. Anywhere as long as it is indoors     e. L. L. Bean for some new camping gear.


6. You and your friends were planning on taking a weekend trip to Boston, but Thursday rolls along and you have to catch up on a ton of work. You:     a. Consider asking a professor for an extension, but try to get as much work done as possible before you leave.     b. Pack your bags and convince yourself that work will get done on the train ride there.     c. Tell your friends that you can’t go, but plan something equally as awesome for next weekend.     d. This would never happen because I don’t procrastinate     e. This would never happen because I spend my weekends on Outing Club trips


7. Who inspires you?     a. Barry Mills     b. Beyoncé     c. Maya Angelou     d. Joan of Arc     e. I am my own inspiration


8. When’s the best time to be on campus?     a. Autumn. The campus looks so beautiful with fall colors.     b. Spring. One word: IVIES!         c. Summer. Time for some relaxation and soaking in the sun!     d. Winter. I have a real excuse to stay indoors.     e. Anytime is a wonderful time as long as I am free to be myself!


9. Oh no! Time to leave the party and it seems that someone has taken your jacket! Your first instinct is to:     a. Go home without it and return the next morning to search for it some more.     b. Call upon my fellow yakkers for assistance.     c. Continue to look for it; it’s probably still there.     d. Steal another one and leave as soon as possible.     e. Forget about it. It wasn’t even my Gore-Tex coat.


10. Which song would you put on the Moulton dinner playlist?     a. “Style” by Taylor Swift     b. “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars     c. “FourFiveSeconds” by Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney     d. I would rather eat in silence, thank you.     e. Forest ambiance noises


11. What’s something you can’t live without?     a. Bowdoin!     b. My friends and family     c. Food     d. Coffee     e. Nature 



If you answered mostly A’s… You’re most like Massachusetts Hall. You’re loyal, thoughtful, and value tradition. You are Bowdoin’s original building, anyways! Although change is sometimes inevitable and difficult, your levelheadedness will always guide you in the right direction. Raise songs to you!

If you answered mostly B’s… You’re most like Smith Union. You’re charismatic and truly adored by many of your peers. Sometimes you put your social life over slightly more important things, but hey, you’re young, wild, and free! The connections you make here will last a lifetime, so keep networking, you social butterfly!

If you answered mostly C’s… You’re most like Moulton Union. Calm, cool, and collected, you’re easygoing and always try to live positively. Even though you tend to go with the flow, your rationality and chill persona has influence over others and brings comfort to many.  Keep the good vibes alive, my friend.

If you answered mostly D’s… You’re most like Hatch Science Library. “Work hard, work hard” seems to be your motto, but you shine as brightly as Hatch’s fluorescent lights because of it! A lot of people may be intimidated by your austerity, but that shouldn’t faze you, because you’ll be a boss in whatever you do after graduation – although you might have a Vitamin D deficiency. 

If you answered mostly E’s… You’re most like the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum. You march to the beat of your own drum, going where not many students have gone before. You’re outdoorsy, adventurous, and unique! Some people may be puzzled by your individuality, but as Lil Wayne once said, “What’s the world without enigma?” Keep doing you!