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Posh In The Pines: Lauren Napie ’14

Hey guys! Thanks for joining us for another fashion filled week. This week we’re focusing on the incredibly stylish and rebellious Lauren Napier. Lauren gets the title of a fashion rebel, because she definitely defies the preppy Bowdoin fashion. You can catch Ms. Napier around campus rocking leather, lace and leotards like it’s nobody's business. Lauren isn’t afraid to be herself, and express herself.

George:  I admire Lauren’s style. Every time I see her she looks amazing. I don’t know how she finds the time to piece together such fresh and trendy outfits, but I digress. On to the outfit, Lauren’s outfit is simple but very chic. Her black and white blouse is super cool. Although the shirt is graphic, it isn’t busy.  The black blazer structures the outfit, as well as brings out the black in her shirt. In my opinion, Lauren’s accessory choices are right on the money. The red bangle and pin adds the right amount of color to the ensemble.  Also, her white pointy flats are adorable; similarly, they add a nice pop of color to the complete look. I simply adore her high waisted army green trousers. They are so cute and current. In my opinion, every young fashionista should have a pair. Home run for Lauren.
Suggestions: I love how Lauren played with patterns and clean lines in the outfit. The gloves, however, are bit much for my taste. Although the gloves add an element of spice, I think the ensemble, as a whole is strong enough that the gloves are not needed. I would have traded the gloves with a simple ring. Overall, I think Lauren does a fantastic job.  

Tasha:Georgie you always steal the words out of my mouth. I too am in love with Lauren’a outfit, and overall style. I must say, this outfit is one of Lauren’s more conservative pieces, but I love it nonetheless. I love the animal print top. I think it adds just the right amount of sass to the outfit. She really takes the animal print from night to day. The boxy blazer also adds texture and dimension to the tailored piece. The feminine shoes and aniamls print coupled with a boxy blazer and trouser allows the oufit to play with androgyny in a fantasic way.
Suggestions:I love Lauren’s red lip, but I would have love to see a bit more red other places. I would have traded in the skinny black waist belt for a bright red 60’s style belt. It could have added an extre kick to the outfit. Overall I love it, and I think Lauren does a great job! 

Lauren finds a great way to incorporate graphics into her outfit. If animalprint is not your thing, here is a cool pokla dot pattern they might catch your eye.

If you're looking for a more simple fall day look, here are a couple of other suggestions: 


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