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Manilla.com: Manage Your Money and Everything Else

If you are at all like me, or like any other rising seniors or recent graduates I know, you’re probably worried about paying your bills post-graduation.  At school, we have the luxury of having our expenses carefully organized, summarized, and totaled on one reasonably comprehensible (excluding inexplicable charges for broken windows, chairs, tables, etc that students living in Social Houses may be familiar with) document. We don’t need to juggle a phone bill, utilities bill, and several credit card bills, and (thankfully) we don’t need to pay too much attention to how much it costs to heat a small apartment during a Maine winter. Unfortunately, however, college does not last forever and notices from the Bowdoin Bursar will eventually stop rolling in.

Enter, manilla.com. Manilla is here to help ease the transition from college to the real world. Manilla organizes all your accounts in one place and reminds you when you have upcoming payments due. It’s a very new website, as it officially launched on June 7th of this summer, but Manilla has been tested and re-tested by users. It’s a safe and easy way to manage your accounts and to keep track of any subscriptions and travel rewards (so you know if/when they are about to expire). You can even print your bills and statements straight from your computer so you can keep them filed both electronically and the old fashioned way (if file cabinets will help you feel more grown up, print away!). Will you need to pay yet another bill in order to access Manilla? Nope.  Membership at manilla.com is totally free!

Manilla.com will serve as the much-needed training wheels on your ride to financial independence. Have no fear, collegiettes; your bills can be easily organized! Now, you just need to find a way to pay them. 

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