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Ivies Survival Guide: NESCAC Crowd Conduct

In the week leading up to Ivies, Her Campus Bowdoin will be providing you with everything you need in our Ivies Survival Guide.

Ivies time is here again. As many of us—athletes and non-athletes alike—don our pinnies and hit the quad in celebration, I am reminded of an article I recently read in GQ magazine that ranks sports fans (by team) according to their general conduct at events. Ivies Weekend at Bowdoin is kind of like a sporting event, a very long sporting event. Like at “big” sports games (ie. Bowdoin/Colby or Bowdoin/Middlebury), guests from town, parents, and friends from home come onto campus and posit themselves between the crowds of generally sweaty and mostly shirtless Bowdoin students. So, in the spirit of Ivies, let’s discuss NESCAC conduct:

  • Texting

One thing I have noticed (and am probably guilty of) is the abundance of texting that happens at sports games on campus and even at Ivies. You’re not watching the game or enjoying Ivies adequately, if whatever is happening on your phone is more important. Who cares where your friends are? SEAN KINGSTON JUST BROKE THE STAGE! At games and during the upcoming festivities, put your phone down and drink in the moment (pun intended).

  • Quaffing

Ladies: “I missed the first half/champagne brunch because I was getting ready,” is not a very good excuse. I know that phone calls from mom and unexpected run-ins with professors can throw a wrench in your plans, but otherwise it’s best to be on time. If it takes you two hours to blow dry your hair and pick an outfit, plan ahead! It would be a shame to miss the winning goal or an on-ice brawl because you had to finish straightening your hair (again, I have made this mistake).  

  • Shirtless…in the rain/snow

Gentlemen: Warm weather is taking its precious time to set in this season. Still, “Sun’s Out, Guns Out” seems to be the motto on campus. A word to the wise, if your nipples could actually cut glass, put a shirt on. Keep a layer on until it gets above 40 degrees, up from there it’s “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem.”

  • Self-Expression

I first became aware of the issue of heckling in high school. At a hockey game, our team was playing the team of an all-boys school. Our all-male opponent was represented by their mascot: a beaver. I will probably never forget the look of absolute horror on the face of a young fan’s mother as the rowdy crowd began to chant, “Where’s your beaver?!” Take note, Bowdoin. There are children (and their parents) at our games and on/around campus during Ivies. Demanding that, “The Goalie’s a virgin,” or slurring profanities in the family-filled line at Cote’s Ice Cream is generally frowned upon.

I’m sure most of us will probably stray (widely) from at least two of these four guidelines during Ivies and at upcoming sports games, but remember, even with your dark lens Ivies ‘11 sunglasses on, you are not invisible, so try to keep it NESCAClassy.

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