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How To Survive Midterms Week (Other Than Binge Watching Netflix)

You’ve been dreading it for so long, but you can’t hid from it. It’s finally here: midterms week (or here at Bowdoin, midterm weekS). Here are some essentials that will help get you through! Thank you to our sponsers for allowing HC to try out all these awesome products!



Your Favorite Magazine: StyleWatch

Looking for a fun, trendy read for your next Friday night chill sesh? StyleWatch Magazine has you covered. Filled with the latest fashion and beauty trends, StyleWatch is perfect for girls styling on a budget. Pick up a magazine on your next Hannaford run!


Pamper and Party Time: Milani Nail Polish and MissMe Flash Tattoos

Epicuria may have passed and Ivies mays seem light years away, but who doesn’t love to sparkle while wearing a flash tattoo? Easy to apply and fun to show off, MissMe Flash Tattoos can be your next go-to accessory for a great Saturday night. Gold flash tattoos can match with almost any color, so why not pair them with a dazzling set of nails? Milani Nail Polish comes in a variety of flirty colors, making it easier to pamper yourself after your exams. Your nailbuds will definitely thank you!


Something to Erase the Day’s Stresses: Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

After a long day of studying and locking yourself in a library study room, the least thing you want to worry about is taking off your makeup. These Simple Facial Wipes will remove makeup, dirt, and oil in one easy step so you can crawl into your comfy and cozy bed as soon as possible.


Something to Make You Look Fresh and New: Colgate Optic White Toothbrush+Whitening Pen and Toothpaste

Just because you’ve been gulping down coffee all week, doesn’t mean your teeth have to show it! The Colgate Optic White Toothbrush is built to effectively remove stains caused by drinks like coffee and tea, and the built in whitening pen and toothpaste with guarantee that no one with ever suspect you’ve been up all night chugging down caffeine and cramming for that exam!

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Isel is a first year at Bowdoin College with interests in Government and Economics. When she's not writing for Her Campus, you can catch her volunteering at the Hawthorne School, soliciting donations for the Annual Fund, and worshiping her idol, Olivia Pope. She has great appreciation for wool socks, YouTube videos without advertisements, and hummus.
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