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Ahh, spring break – the highly anticipated vacation that we’re all anxiously awaiting. The end of classes can’t come soon enough! However, we all know from experience that it’s hard to find time to pack for break when we’re focused on finishing our midterms and essays. It’s pretty tempting to just throw half of your closet into a suitcase and hope for the best! Luckily, the writers of Her Campus Bowdoin have compiled a list of all the items necessary to have an awesome spring break. Whether you’re traveling thousands of miles away or are just driving to the next town over, these products will ensure that you have your best spring break yet!

Rachael’s Spring Break Essential: Luna BarsOver spring break, you’re hungry all the time – at the airport waiting for your flight, in your car picking your brother up from school, or at home watching television. You’re no longer within walking distance of Thorne or Moulton, and you have no access to your dorm room stocked with snacks. But wait…you can have a Luna bar! These bars are chock full of healthy things like fiber and protein. They taste like dessert, yet are only a fraction of the calories. The flavors range from Chocolate Cupcake to S’mores to Blueberry Bliss (if you’re missing the traditional Maine flavor.) Throw one in your purse or store one in your car console, and get ready to munch on something healthy and delicious when the Bowdoin dining food withdrawal kicks in!

Heidy’s Spring Break Essential: SABRE Pepper GelThis pepper gel is light, cute, and effective. Bowdoin is approximately 1000 miles from my home, and my mother has always nagged me about getting some pepper spray. Well I can say I’ve finally given in. Happy, Mom? Not only is this pepper gel one of the most dazzling accessories on my key chain, it beat carrying my M1911 pistol around! Plus, it works really well! (Just ask my boyfriend.) If you’re planning on doing a little traveling this spring break, and you have yet to master the art of Krav Maga, SABRE’s Pepper Gel would certainly be beneficial to have on hand. Just remember, it’s not TSA friendly. Make sure your pepper gel is inside a small plastic baggie in your checked luggage.

Ana’s Spring Break Essential: Chipotle BurritosLove comes in many forms, and sometimes love comes wrapped in tinfoil during your lunch hour. Yes, I am talking about Chipotle burritos. Their deliciousness almost beats the food from our top-rated dining halls. You’ve worked so hard for your spring-break-ready beach body, and now is the time to reward yourself! Two weeks of no class, sleeping in, and family time are now perfectly accompanied with Chipotle burritos. Rarely can we find such pleasures for such a great price, but now with this “two-for-the-price-of-one” deal, you can share the wealth (or eat two by yourself!)

Sophia’s Spring Break Essential: Not Your Mother’s Hair Care ProductsSpring break is hard on your hair! The pool, the beach, and other break-time fun can make it hard to keep your locks healthy! I totally understand the struggle – not only is my hair extremely thick, curly, and prone to split ends, but I am on both the swim and water polo teams at Bowdoin. Needless to say, my hair gets washed at least once per day. I put excessive stress on my hair, so my shampoo needs to have cleansing and moisturizing components. I am glad to say that Clean Freak Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner performed excellently! My hair felt (and looked) wonderful – clean but not stripped, and moisturized, not greasy. It still had volume and bounce to it, but no excess frizz. Wherever you’re headed over spring break, I would definitely recommend Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak line of hair products. It’ll keep your hair primed for any adventure!

Zoe’s Spring Break Essential: Completely Bare Wax StripsWaxing is always a cringe-worthy experience, but with Completely Bare, my eyebrow wax was painless! (Well, as pain-free as waxing can truly be.) My friends on the water polo team decided my eyebrows were starting to resemble caterpillars a little too closely, so we gave the smaller wax strips a try (the sample wax pack came with a couple larger sized strips and some smaller ones). All it took was a quick rub of the strip, a press, and a pull and it was done! All the peach fuzz in between my eyebrows was gone and I was good to go! There was little stinging afterwards, but a little pain was a small price to pay for eyebrows that are looking this good!

Kat’s Spring Break Essential: The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn and Dirty Rush by Taylor BellSpring break is one of the few instances in college when you have some time for reading non-course-assigned books. Whether you’re headed to warmer or colder weather, a good book will always make spring break even better. I can’t wait to start reading The Intern’s Handbook and Dirty Rush. The Intern’s Handbook is a thriller about an expert assassin, John Lago, posing as an intern at a law firm in order to get close to his next target. The Intern’s Handbook also has a romantic twist when Lago ‪ meets a sexy FBI agent assigned to take down the same law partner he is trying to assassinate. On the other hand, going to a non-Greek school like Bowdoin makes me wonder how the “other half” (sorority girls) live, which is why I am looking forward to reading Dirty Rush. Its description as a “drug-infused X-rated fairy tale” promises to deliver plenty of spring break entertainment! I’m definitely looking forward to reading about the Greek life I will never know (as told by a former Delta Gamma.)

Kylie’s Spring Break Essential: Her Campus SwagI’m one of those people that insists on bringing all my Bowdoin College apparel when I go home. I wear my Bowdoin garb every day just in case my neighbor or the cashier at the grocery store forgot that I go to a prestigious liberal arts college across the country. Now, I can advertise my involvement with Her Campus Bowdoin in a similar fashion (pun intended.) Her Campus sent our chapter some fabulous Her Campus swag, and I intend to flaunt as much of it as I can! With my Her Campus Correspondent t-shirt and my Her Campus drink koozie, pens, stickers, and sunglasses, there’ll be no question that I’m a fully-fledged member of Her Campus!

Here’s a huge thank you to our sponsors: Luna, SABRE, Chipotle, Not Your Mother’s Hair Care, Completely Bare, Simon & Schuster, The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn, and Her Campus Media! Have a great spring break, everyone!


I'm Ana Timoney-Gomez, Bowdoin Class of 2018. I'm originally from Morningside Heights, NY, but my family and I currently live in Westchester, NY. I run track and field for Bowdoin, and compete in the hurdles. I want to potentially major in History, but I have not declared, so it's open to change. When I'm not writing for Her Campus you can catch me in the Stacks doing homework, or watching Scandal in my common room, I'm still a season behind though.
Hardcore nerd with a love of food, travel, eyeliner, and powerlifting. Asian Studies major with a minor in Cinema Studies; Honors Thesis in Japanese Horror Film. Bowdoin College '17.
Kylie is a junior neuroscience major at Bowdoin College. When she’s not writing or editing pieces for Her Campus, you can find her playing with animals at the local animal shelter, tripping over tree roots on her daily run, or re-reading her favorite literary trilogies. She's currently obsessed with burgundy pedicures, Laini Taylor novels, Fly Art hoodies, and french fries.
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