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Campus Celebrity… Ingrid Oelschlager ’11

This week’s campus celebrity is Ingrid Oelschlager, senior and co-captain of both the field hockey and women’s lacrosse teams, and a German and Asian Studies major from Roanoke, Virginia.

1. How did you end up at Bowdoin?

I went to boarding school at Exeter and I knew that I wanted to play sports in college so a NESCAC school was a perfect fit. And then for why I chose Bowdoin… the mascot was cool before it became the Haribo gummy bear and I just love Maine’s weather.

2. If you weren’t allowed to choose field hockey or lacrosse as your favorite sport, what would it be?

Soccer and/or basketball.

Women’s Lacrosse captains Katy Dissinger ’11 and Ingrid Oelschlager ’11

2b. What is going to be your sport of choice for adulthood?

Mall walking and sex.

3. Secret childhood dream?

To be a dolphin trainer.

4. Secret childhood nickname that no one at Bowdoin knows about, but are about to?


5. Rumor has it those quick feet are pretty good at dancing – what’s your newest favorite song to groove to?

“Stereo Hands” The White Panda

6. Can you teach me how to dougie?

Absolutely, just point me in the direction of the cali swag district?

7. What is your biggest superstition?

Being superstitious.

8. What’s on your bucket list to do before graduation (yikes!) ?

Go to Bruce’s Burritos and streak the turf with only kicks on (I’ve already done so in the full birthday suit…speaking of which maybe i should do this on my birthday? the 17th)

9. What has been most meaningful during your Bowdoin experience?

Homies and championship trophies.

10. In honor of Mother’s day, what’s the best lesson you ever learned from her?

Kill people with gifts (and kindness) and always write a thank you note.

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