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Andrew Madlinger ’14

Name: Andrew Madlinger

Class Year: 2014

Hometown: Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Relationship Status: Single

Major: Economics

Favorite Bowdoin Food: Chicken Parm from Thorne

Most Played on iTunes:
Top 5- Levels (Avicci)
Right Above It (lil Wayne ft. Drake)
The Space Between (Dave Matthews Band)
Free Fallin (John Mayer)
Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen)

Favorite Zoo Animal and Why: Its pretty obvious, the Polar Bear is the sweetest animal alive. But I also like Giraffes.

Celebrity Date: Natalie Portman or Kate Beckinsale. They are my favorites and I guess its because I find them attractive…

Secret Talents: I can whistle many different ways and I can juggle

Favorite spot on Campus: I like doing work on the First Floor of Library. Favorite room on campus would be second floor Hubbard. 

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