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The Amazing Ana: Ana Timoney-Gomez ’18

HC: How did you hear about Bowdoin? ATG: “My track coach, Dr. James Phipps, trained a hurdler who graduated from Bowdoin (c/o 2011), so when I started training with Dr. Phipps, he introduced me to Bowdoin.”

HC: Where are you from?ATG: “I grew up in Morningside Heights, NY; but right now my family lives in Westchester, NY.”

HC: What are some things you’re involved in on campus?ATG: “I’m on the varsity track and field team—I run the hurdles. I’m also a member of the Slam Poetry Club (we meet Tuesday nights at 30 College!), and I write for Her Campus. Next year I hope to get involved with more things on campus, but it’s tough when you’re also balancing academics.”

HC: As the Class of 2018 president elect, what are your goals for next year?ATG: “My main goal for next year is to increase connection between the Class Council and the student body. I want to become a resource that students and faculty can come to if they want to address issues or concerns relating to our class.”

HC: What was your first-year experience like? Do you have any highlights or regrets?ATG: “Well, my first-year experience is finishing really well! I will say that it started off kind of rocky. I had a hard time adjusting to Bowdoin academics, and college in general. I didn’t realize that I would miss my home and my family that much. But that being said, Bowdoin has such a cozy vibe to it (especially in winter) and I adjusted nicely to college life. The highlight to my fall was probably one day when I was walking to class and I waved and greeted a whole bunch of people. It sounds cheesy, but I realized that this campus was becoming my home—it was a great feeling. In terms of regrets, I really wish I had read the Student Handbook at the beginning of the year. It has a lot of helpful information that would have saved me a lot of trouble. Also I wish I hadn’t been shy about asking for help, whether it be directions to the dining halls or help in academics. Bowdoin wants us to succeed, and the people here will help us get there.”

HC: Do you have any final words for Bowdoin students?ATG: “Bowdoin has a CRAZY amount of resources available to its students! But becoming aware of all the resources and how to utilize them is your responsibility. What’s worked best for me is speaking to other students and faculty whenever I have a question. Many upperclassman have experienced the same struggles and they know how to get through them best. People here really want to help you out, you’ve just got to ask! It’s awesome.”

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