7 Ways to Celebrate Yourself This Summer

Summer is quickly approaching! Though we're still writing essays, completing problem sets, and studying for exams, the warm weather and blue skies remind us that summer will be here soon. Some of us stay on campus, some of us return home, and some of us travel abroad, but there's one thing everyone should be doing this summer: celebrating yourself! Here are a few ways that the ladies of Her Campus Bowdoin are celebrating ourselves this summer:

1. "I am celebrating adventure!""Summer is a time to get out and explore, whether it be the mountains, the ocean, or even your own neighborhood. Get out and have some adventures! Go windsurfing, get lost, take an art class, go on a road trip – make some memories! It'll be a summer well-spent, and you'll get to spend some quality time with yourself. One thing to keep with you on your adventures is an emergency rain poncho from boohoo. These handy ponchos literally can fit into a pocket or purse, and they'll keep you dry in case of an unprecedented rain storm."

2. "I am celebrating health and fitness!""So many people plan on using their summers to improve their health by working out more. It's a great time to focus on getting in better shape, because people are typically less stressed and less busy during the summer. Taking the time to get fit is a real time investment, but it'll definitely pay off in the long run. One way you can get fit this summer is by using Crunch Live's online workouts! The Real Talk Show describes Crunch Live as one of America's "most innovative online gyms", and the workouts are super convenient – you can do them at home, outdoors, and even in a hotel room!"

3. "I am celebrating my future!""Planning for the future is incredibly important, even as a young college student. Lots of young adults are lacking in terms of financial education, and this ends up hitting them hard after college. Spending the summer learning about money is a wise way to spend your vacation. Nicole Lapin's book, Rich Bitch: A Simple 12 Step Plan For Getting Your Financial Life Together, helps young women learn about budgeting, taxes, investing, and ways to help you make your money grow. It's witty, sassy, and a great read for those who are interested in securing their financial futures."

4. "I am celebrating entrpreneurship!""Similarly, another great way to spend your summer is to learn some marketable skills. In today's economy, it's important to take advantage of as many opportunities as you can to learn or hone your business skills. Chloe + Isabel is a fashion jewelry brand that works to help the next generation of business leaders. The GEM program allows college students to develop sales, merchandising, marketing, and social media skills, which can prove to be invaluable when applying for jobs after graduation! What better a way to celebrate your business savvy?!"    

5. "I am celebrating music!""Who doesn't love summer music festivals? They all have such fun, unique vibes, and the energy of the performers and the crowd is amazing! Attend one of these music festivals with some of your best friends! Take a weekend trip into the city, or even go on a road trip and visit a couple festivals – this is what college is all about, right? Don't forget your festival fashion essentials – breezy tops and dresses, lots of bohemian jewelry, and flash tattoos! Blink Tattoos creates awesome temporary tattoos – some are celebrity-inspired, some glow in the dark, and they all seriously up your festival game!"

6. "I am celebrating getting my license!""As much as I love getting to ride shotgun in my friends' cars, it's about time I learned to drive. With a driver's license, you have so much more freedom (or so I hear)! In the words of Rascal Flatts, 'Life is a highway', and I'm ready to learn to ride in a car of my own! Her Campus's HCXO keychain is super cute, and I can't wait to add my car key!"

7. "I am celebrating myself by treating myself!""'Treat yourself' – it's a piece of advice we frequently hear, but seldom follow. This summer, I'm going to be better about following that mantra. I worked really hard this year, and I deserve to indulge a little this summer! Spa day: check! Alone time: check! Chipotle burritos: check! Bring on the summer!"

No matter how you celebrate yourself this summer, have fun! You are an awesome human being, and you deserve a little recognition! Go, you!