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7 Best Study Spots for Midterm Week

In the midst of midterms, it’s important to have a great place to go study. While staying in your own room can be nice, sometimes it can help to find a cozy spot and hit the books. Here are seven great study spots for all kinds of workers.

If you like company:If you’re not one for stifling silence, Super Snacks can be a great spot for getting some work done on a Thursday or Friday night. It may seem contradictory, but the dull hum of chatter can make a nice backdrop for studying. Not to mention, you’re around friends and food! What could be better?

If you like a view:If you want to do your work while overlooking the gorgeous Bowdoin campus, the art library in the VAC is the place to go. It has comfy chairs overlooking the quad and a printer right nearby, so you can enjoy the beauty of Maine while still getting your work done.

If you like quiet: If you need a quiet environment to do your work but don’t want to endure the creepiness of the stacks, the government/economics library in Hubbard Hall is a great choice. While others flock to the ever-popular Shannon Room, you can occupy the otherwise vacant library towards the right side of the first floor. It offers a printer, tables, couches, and a gorgeous environment, and its quietness will help you focus.

If you like atmosphere: The Peucinian Room in the basement of Sills has a great atmosphere for getting work done. Its wooden walls and antique-feel make for a great study spot. When there isn’t a class there, it’s usually pretty empty, so you can get the couches to yourself!

If you like a big table:If you need a lot of space to spread out your stuff, the physics room in Searles is a great choice. Located on the third floor, its visible clockwork makes for a cool place to hang out. Its long table and chalkboards give you the tools you need to get your work done.

If you like to get off campus: When you just need to get away from the Bowdoin Bubble, taking a walk down to The Little Dog Coffee Shop is a great idea. The walk down Maine Street will clear your head, and the cozy coffee shop gives you its Wi-Fi password with any purchase. Nothing like a great latte for some extra motivation!

Bonus study spot:When it gets warm, try heading down to Memorial Park by the river. It’s a gorgeous place to read once the snow melts!

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