5 Essentials for the Quad

The sunny days are finally starting to warm up the quad again. Whether you’re taking a break between classes or relaxing on the weekend, the quad is the place to be this spring.  Here’s a guide for things you need for a wonderful day spent on the quad:

1. FrisbeeThe classic college quad game. Whether you play on the Frisbee team or not, here’s your chance to show off your Frisbee skills or bond over some laughs about how you can’t manage to make the Frisbee fly straight.

2. SlacklineWhile the quad doesn’t give as beautiful a view as this, you can feel just as serene and balanced when you're slacklining. Chances are there’s probably one of these already set up on the path between the chapel and the VAC.  Even though there’s usually a pretty solid crew hanging out around the slackline, head over with a few friends and give it a go!

3. BookThis is really the ultimate necessity. The quad is the perfect place to cozy up and read—under a tree, on the grass, in a hammock. Some recommended reading: Longfellow’s poems, Hawthorne’s novels, The Maine Woods by Henry David Thoreau, Cujo by Stephen King, Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan.

4. Sunglasses, beach towel, sunscreen, and waterWhatever you’d take to the beach, take to the quad—they’re basically the same thing. There’s nothing worse than having spent a day out in the sun only to suffer the consequences of aloe vera gel and awkward burn lines for the next week.

5. Just yourself and some friends!Cheesy, yes, but resist from bringing your laptop! As nice as it is to do homework and listen to music on your laptop outside, sometimes just let yourself be still—with your friends, with yourself, with the squirrels.