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10 Ways You Know Spring Has Arrived at Bowdoin

1. It’s 50 degrees outside, and everyone is sitting on the quad doing homework.


2. Students get express lunch and eat outside.

3. Sundresses and shorts are the norm.

4. Iced coffee becomes socially acceptable once more.


5. You have to start dodging bicycles, penny boards, and scooters.

6. Studying gets so much harder when all you want to do is hang out outside!

7.  Leaving dinner while it’s still light out.

8. Finals are looming ahead, but it doesn’t matter, because it’s too sunny outside for you to care.


9. It’s really not that warm out, but we think it is! 60 degrees may as well be 90!

10. Professors decide it’s finally ok to hold classes on the museum steps.

I'm Ana Timoney-Gomez, Bowdoin Class of 2018. I'm originally from Morningside Heights, NY, but my family and I currently live in Westchester, NY. I run track and field for Bowdoin, and compete in the hurdles. I want to potentially major in History, but I have not declared, so it's open to change. When I'm not writing for Her Campus you can catch me in the Stacks doing homework, or watching Scandal in my common room, I'm still a season behind though.
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