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10 Ivies Staples You Already Own

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowdoin chapter.


Ivies: whether you’re a revved-up rookie or a devoted veteran, this weekend of bacchanal proportions presents fabulous sartorial potential for all us polar bearrettes. From the sundresses that pepper Brunswick Quad, to the classic bro tank and trucker hat combo sported during the headlining concert, Ivies is a perfect time to show off your stylin’ skills.


Rather than make a mad dash to Target for last-minute outfits, do a little closet shopping for these 10 Ivies essentials you already own.


1. (P)leather Jacket. An essential for life in general but especially for a weekend of traipsing all over campus party hopping, the leather jacket looks cool, feels warm and goes with everything.


2. Skinny Jeans. I know we all would rather be wearing springtime attire, but sometimes it’s just too darn cold (shout out to Harpswell and Pine Street). You will feel like a million bucks in your true blues, and that confidence does more for your look than the trendiest of asymmetrical hemmed skirts.


3. Sundress. But on the off chance Friday warms up JUST enough for bare legs, sundresses are your go-to. Layer up and accessorize to taste.


4. Black Booties. You may have figured out by now I have penchant for black booties. Here’s why: a heel in this relaxed shoe style strikes the perfect balance between classy and casual, is super comfy and flatters legs of all shapes. Plus, these bad boys match any outfit you throw at ‘em.


5. Riding Boots. However, sometimes we need that extra bit of boot to keep us warm, and that’s why you shouldn’t retire your cognac riding boots just yet.


6. Cutoffs. If you could sum up Ivies in one article of clothing, it would be the infamous jort. American Eagle daisy dukes or high-waisted vintage Levis, you can’t go wrong.


7. Neutral Cardigan. You can never have too many layers. A neutral cardigan is subtle enough to be worn with multiple outfits and gets the job done.


8. Obnoxious Wayfarers. Sunglasses in a silly color for an I-don’t-care-if-they-break price=necessary. VERY necessary.


9. Graphic Tank. Speaking of summing Ivies up in one article of clothing, the tank is also a standard on Whittier Field. Don’t feel like shelling out your cash for an official Ivies version? Turn a Salvo find into a sassy alternative. Get it, indeed.


10. Black Mini. Last but not least, do not forget about your best friend, not when you need her most. 3lau will be hot and fun, and so will you in your makes-my-butt-look-great classic mini.

Margot is a Bowdoin College senior and native Atlantan. An English and theater interdisciplinary major, she enjoys acting, blogging about Bowdoin style, and interning with the Bowdoin College Office of Communications. She is determined to move to New York City after graduation and work in PR, digital media and fashion. A significant amount of her time is spent in Bowdoin's number-one dining halls in anticipation of the many bowls of ramen that will be her sustainance post-graduation.
Marissa is a senior at Bowdoin College, majoring in Government and minoring in English. She's interned with NPR, The Christian Science Monitor and ELLE.com. In her spare time she enjoys writing poetry, baking cupcakes, tweeting, and admiring the big dipper. She hopes to live in a lighthouse someday, with 27 cats and a good set of watercolors.