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Young Ladies Club Networking Event

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bournemouth chapter.

Young Ladies Club kicked off their year with a networking event held at the Google Campus on March 21st. The atmosphere was electric and the venue was buzzing, with tons of young ladies ready to begin and share their journies towards success.

The Young Ladies Club (YLC) is a platform that seeks to empower young women in the UK. The new innovative interactive club pinpoints different areas such as entrepreneurship, education, employment and personal development. On top of hosting social events, seminars and motivational talks, the club also uses different social media platforms such as FacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube to interact with its audience.

The night included guest speakers dishing out advise and tips on how to grab yourself an amazing job, and for those who want to be their own bosses; how to become a prosperous entrepreneur and maintain a successful business. Speakers included Catherine Arhin, Managing Director and Founder of luxury home-wear brand Arhin Armah, Jordine Bartlett, Journalist for the Financial Times, Lola Ogunbadejo, Presenter of TV show ‘Out & About with Lola’ on OH TV, and many more influential women.

The night was truly a success, and would have left anyone who attended feeling inspired and motivated to do bigger and better things in life! We are definitely looking forward to the next event!