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How to Survive Until Summer: Friends Style

Now that Easter has come and passed, all of us students lurk in the transitional period until summer – some what the most difficult period in the academic year. Wasting your loan on pizza even more than usual or wasting your sorrows away through a pint on a Wednesday lunchtime just to get through that lecture you would REALLY rather not go to: the third term is a horrid blend of hard work before ‘finals’ and no work because, hell it’s almost summer.

I assure you however, you can make it through. And here is how:

Time is something that is sincerely lacking at this time of year, and you will have to make decisions. Tough, tough decisions…

Yet you can always eat yourself out of a bad situation. Exam coming up? FAJITAS. Housemate troubles? FAJITAS! Will your part time wages cover this months rent? FAJITAS!

Take a trip to the sandy beach. We’re lucky enough to have it – use it. Take that textbook down to the coast – not to worry about your ‘beach body’, Joey knows how it is.

And more food. Food and food and food. FOOD FIXES ALL.

When it comes to actual work however, the sunshine that’s starting to pop out may cause a little bit of day drinking, in which we all take the wise advice of Ernest Hemingway; “Write drunk, edit sober!”. Just remember to actually edit.

And when everything is done, always let your hair down and enjoy yourself. Soon enough, it will the summer break.

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Jodie Boyce


A writer and journalist from London, studying in Bournemouth.
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