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Her Campus Goes Clothes Swapping

Last weekend, a few of the Her Campus girls went to a clothes swap in Halo, usually a nightclub venue, where visitors could bring clothes they didn’t want and swap them for something else. People were also able to donate money to Lewis-Manning Hospice, a local adult voluntary hospice (www.lewis-manning.co.uk).

The event raised £121 from clothing sales, and a further £20 donation towards the event. 68 people were recorded coming to the event. Lauren Angove, the event organiser, comments “At first, I thought no one would bother to show up, but this was only first-time event nerves. A lot of time was spent advertising so we did assume more people would come, but we were happy with the money and number we ended up with”.

Halo was filled with lots of different clothing from dresses or shoes, to underwear and jewellery, so there was something for everyone to swap. We spotted a number of Topman shirts with the tags still on so people could have grabbed a bargain if they were lucky!

Lauren summed up the event saying “It was an absolute success! Even one person showing up would have been a success in my eyes, but we met all our targets and everyone enjoyed themselves. Our charity spread awareness and a lot of stock will now be sold to raise money for the hospice via their local charity shops.”

It was a great afternoon for us Her Campus girls, and we even left with a few new items of clothing! 

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