"Femme Fatale" collection at LFW

    Every aspect of the AW14 Fabryan Press Launch would have felt incredibly empowering for any woman present at the event. The collection, the Wolf London collaborators and the guest speaker Janet Kirlew, Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Women in Trade UK magazine, were all an inspiration.

 Samantha Jane, the designer, has gone strong this season with dresses that are feminine, fitted and all around fabulous. After her SS14 collection which celebrated floral prints and colours, Samantha has gone back to the basics.''Simplicity is elegance'' as any fashionista would say. When we think Femme Fatale, we think monochrome with a tangy red that clashes and makes the collection visually striking. We think waisted designs and A-line cuts. We think sexy with the use of velvet, leather and silk materials. Fabryan AW14 is making a statement, as underlines the designer, ''the stuctures and fine tailory celebrate a guilt-free woman, and this attracts an independant clientele''.

  Perfectly in line with Fabryan, Wolf London featured its debut jewellery collection : four luxury cufflinks made of sterling silver, rose and yellow golds, rubies and black diamonds. The pieces are presented through four mythical goddesses : Freya the ice beauty, Persephone the queen of rebirth, Vivian the dark androgynous woman and Hathor, the wild creature of pleasure. Through these creations, described as ''arrogant, confident and innovative'' by designer David Nation, we have all the different aspects of women.

 To top off the event, Janet Kirlew gave encouraging advice in her speech by pushing women to thrive and storm through adversity, as opportunities and success are often hid in the midst of challenges. Cupcakes, red carpet snaps and all in all a delightful launch.